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I give doy
I watch veo
You (PL) Leave salís
I ate comí
I took out/ took photos saqué
I began commencé
They were (Ser) fueron
He was (Estar) estuvo
To stroll pasear
to go for a walk ir DE paseo
to go for a walk dar in paseo
last night anoche
ayer yesterday
He is interested in reading le interesa leer
Last night, we watched television anoche vimos la tele
It makes me laugh me hacen reír
TV Channel la cadena
Program (TV) el programa
Star in the sky/film/movie star una estrella
Tv News el teledario
Fear el miedo
It gives me fear me dan miedo
I like it the most Lo que más me gusta
from time to time de vez en cuando
to play the drums tocar la batería
last weekend el fin de semana pasado
a football match un partido de fútbol
a football competition un compeanato de fútbol
several varios/as
the cup/trophy la copa
to win ganar
a theme park/funfair in parquet de attraciones
a theme park/funfair in parque temático
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