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145 300 610 1230 In the above sequence every term after the first is formed by multiplying by x and then adding y, where x and y are positive integers. What is the value of x + y? 12
A confectioner has 500 mint, 500 orange and 500 strawberry flavored sweets. He wishes to make packets containing 10 mint, 5 orange and 5 strawberry sweets. What is the maximum number of packets of this type he can make? 50
If S is the sum of 8,6,4,2 and x, what must be the value of x for x to equal 1/5 S ? 5
25 per cent of 600 is equal to 15 per cent of what number? 1000
What is the maximum number of points of intersection of four distinct lines in a plane? 6
If one edge of a 6-inch ruler is to be marked in 1/10 inch units, how many marks will there be on the edge including the 0 and 6 inch marks? 61
Given that the sum of the odd integers from 1 to 99 inclusive is 2500, what is the sum of the even integers from 2 to 100 inclusive? 2550
In a certain game of 50 questions, the final score is calculated by subtracting twice the number of wrong answers from the total number of correct answers. If a player attempted all questions and received a final score of 35, how many wrong answers did he give? 5
What positive value for k would make the following the equations of a pair of parallel lines on the same coordinate axes? y = kx – 2 and ky = 9x – 7 3
What is the sum of all the positive integer factors of 12? 28
The average IQ of 4 people is 110. If three of these people each have an IQ of 105, what is the IQ of the fourth person ? 125
Of 60 students in a class 2/3 are girls, and 2/5 of the class are taking music lessons. What is the maximum number of girls that are not taking music lessons? 36
One gallon of fuel mixture contains antifreeze in the ratio of 5 parts fuel to one part antifreeze. To this is added half a gallon of mixture which is one third antifreeze and two thirds fuel. What is the ratio of fuel to antifreeze in the final mixture? (Grid your answer as a fraction: fuel/antifreeze) 7/2
What is the total surface area of 2 identical cubes which together have a volume of 1458 units? 972
In a sequence of numbers the first number is 3 and each number after the first is 2 more than 3 times the preceding number. What is the fourth term in the sequence? 107
If the average of 3 and x is 5, and the average of 5 and y is 7, what is the average of x and y? 8
A right circular cylinder has a volume of 81π. If the circumference of the base is 6π, what is the height? 9
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