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Lobes Systems of organized neurons devoted to a specific function
Nerves bundles of axons making a pathway
2 divisions of peripheral nervous system (PNS) 1. somatic nervous system 2. autonomic nervous sytem
Somatic Branch of PNS • voluntary muslces • brings sensations in to CNS (sensory afferents) • send movements out of CNS (motor efferents) • via spinal and cranial nerves
dermatome area of body innervated by the dorsal roots of a given segment of spinal cord
Autonomic Branch of PNS • internal regulation • body temp, digestion, heart, glands Branches: 1. sympathetic: fight or flight 2. parasympathetic: calm, homeostasis
Parasympathetic Branch of ANS of PNS • release acetycholine before/after ganglia • long distance on first road
Sympathetic Branch of ANS of PNS • acetycholine/norepinephrine • short first road
The 6 Regions of the Brain 1. Tel encephalon 2. Di encephalon 3. Mes encephalon 4. Met encephalon 5. Mye el encephalon 6. Spinal Cord
Spinal Cord • Looks like H • inner H: cell bodies • outer H: myelinated axons • afferent sensations in through dorsal • efferent motor signals out through ventral
My el encephalon (medulla) • on and off ramps • area postrema • reticular formation starts here
Reticular formation activating arousal system in brain
Met encephalon • Cerebellum: mini brain on dorsal surface • coordination of fine-tuning movements • pons: translator & fine-tuner on ventral • primitive parts of brain
Mes encephalon 1. tectum (dorsal) • inferior colliculi (hearing) • superior colliculi (sight) 2. Tegmentum • periaqueductal gray: pain killers stop the signal hear form traveling down spinal cord|opiate analgesia • substantia nigra: affects movement| parkinsons • ventral tegmentum: affects stuff coming in and going up |addiction, parkinsons, schizophrenia
Di encephalon 1. Thalmus: sensory gatekeeper • tollbooth between lower/upper brain 2. Hypothalmus: maintains body's internal states
Tel encephalon • large & complex • convolutions: wrinkled pieces for surface area (big creases: fissures, small: sulci, ridges: gyri) • 90% is neocortex with 6 layers
Occipital Lobe • back of brain • vision
Temporal • sounds • speech (left side only) • biggest asymmetry of brain
Parietal Lobe • Links different sensations • The inbox (primary sensory cortex)
Frontal Lobe • Executive Functions
Limbic System Regulation of motivated behaviors (four Fs) •hippocampus: memory index • amygdala: adds emotion to memories
Longitudinal Fissure • divides right/left halves • inside is corpus callosum
Central Fissure Frontal/parietal
Lateral Fissure Frontal/Temporal
Basal Ganglia • Motor system • Substantia Nigra-Striatum: pathway related to parkinsons • Nuccleus Accumbens: reward effects on drugs
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