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Relative Atomic Mass (RAM) RAM of an element = mass of one atom of the element divided by 1/12 x mass of one atom of C12.
Mass Percentage Mass Percentage of a component = mass of the component ------------------------------------ x 100 mass of the solution
Volume Percentage Volume Percentage of a component = Volume of the component ------------------------------------ x 100 Total volume of the Solution
Mole Fraction M.F. of A (xA) = nA (no. of moles of the component) --------------------------------------------------- nA + nB + n... (total no. of moles)
Number of Moles given mass nX = ---------------- . molar mass
Molality (m) number of moles of the solute m = ------------------------------------------- weight of the solvent in kg unit: mole/kg
Molarity (M) number of moles of the solute M = ------------------------------------ volume of the solution in liters unit: mole/l
Normality (N) no of gram-equivalents of solute N = ---------------------------------------- volume of the solution in liters unit: gram-equivalent/l
Equivalent Mass atomic mass ------------------ valency
No of gram-equivalents given mass ------------------------ equivalent mass
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