Tips for Succeeding on the Day of the Exam


11 great tips to help you prepare for you exams on the big day!
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Tips for Succeeding on the Day of the Exam 11 tips to maximize your performance on the day of your exam
Exam Tip #1 Wake up early enough so you have plenty of time to get breakfast and everything you need ready
Exam Tip #2 Check venue/time of exam to make sure you arrive on time
Exam Tip #3 Have a balanced breakfast and foods with high energy output like bananas
Exam Tip #4 Before leaving to go to the exam, double check that you have everything you need
Exam Tip #5 Get to exam venue with plenty of time to spare in case of any unexpected events along the way
Exam Tip #6 Avoid anyone you know will be panicking, they will only put you off or scare you
Exam Tip #7 Go to bathroom before exam starts, they can be long and you don't want to be wasting time during it
Exam Tip #8 Don't forget to write your name/exam number on paper correctly!!
Exam Tip #9 Read all questions carefully before starting and quickly allocate time to each one
Exam Tip #10 Answer the question you are most comfortable with first. There is no need to answer the questions in order
Exam Tip #11 If you're brain freezes, just writes anything and you will soon start remembering things
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