Formula for Physics IGCSE edexcel


For Physics IGCSE Edexcel course
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Average speed Distance Time
Force Mass x Acceleration
Acceleration Change in Velocity Time Taken
Momentum Mass x Velocity
Density Mass Volume
Work Done Force x Distance in Direction
Energy Transferred Work Done
Kinetic Energy
Change in GPE Mass x Gravitational Field Strength x Change in height
Weight Mass x Gravitational Field Strength
Pressure Force Area
Moment Force x Perpendicular Distance from Pivot
Charge Current Time
Voltage Current x Resistance
Electrical Power Voltage x Current
Wave Speed Frequency x Wave Length
Input Power Output Power
Input P Voltage Input S Voltage Primary Turns Secondary Turns
Vp Vs Np Ns
n sin i sin r
sin c 1 n
Pressure Difference Height x Density x g
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