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Name three fossil fuels Coal, Oil and Gas.
What is the process by which energy is produced in a nuclear power station ? Nuclear Fission
What form of energy is stored in the water in the top reservoir of a pumped storage station ? Gravitational Potential energy
Why is wave power likely to be less reliable than Tidal power ? There are always two tides a day (tides depend on gravitational pull of the sun and moon), but on a calm day there may not be many waves (waves depend on winds, which are unreliable)
Why are large numbers of solar cells often joined to make a solar panel ? Each solar cell only produces a small amount of electricity.
Why are only a few places in the world able to have geothermal power stations ? in many places in the world the hot rocks are too far below the surface to be used.
What type of area would be most suitable for a wind farm ? A large, flat area of high ground.
What is the difference between a renewable energy source and a non-renewable energy source ? A renewable energy source is produced as fast as it is used. A non-renewable energy source is one that is used at a much faster rate than it is produced.
Which gas, released by the burning of coal, causes acid rain ? Sulfur Dioxide
Give two advantages of overhead cables compared to underground cables ? Overhead cables are easier to repair and are cheaper.
What sort of transformers are used at local sub-stations ? A step-down transformer
Why does the demand for electricity vary between summer and winter ? The demand increases in winter because it gets colder so more electricity is used heating homes.
In what form is energy stored in the top reservoir of a pumped storage scheme ? Gravitational Potential energy.
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