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Algorithms in computing ♡
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What is an algorithm ? ♡ A logical step-by-step process for solving a problem ♡
What are the main two areas to look at whilst designing an algorithm ♡ What the final goal is and what hurdles need to be overcome on the way to that goal ♡
What is syntax ? ♡ Rules governing how to write statements in a programming language ♡
What does 'INPUT' and 'OUTPUT' do ? ♡ 'INPUT' indicates the user is inputting something and 'OUTPUT' indicates that an output will appear on the screen ♡
What does iteration mean ? ♡ A single run through a set of instructions ♡
What does condition mean ? ♡ A statement or sum that is either true or false ♡
What is the symbol for a decision in a flow chart ? ♡ A diamond ♡
What is the symbol for a process in a flow chart ? ♡ A rectangle ♡
When can algorithms be used ? ♡ To design a solution to any problem ♡
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