A-Level Computing (Algorithms) Mind Map on Algorithms, created by George Bettley on 01/10/2013.
George Bettley
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George Bettley
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  1. Definition
    1. An Algorithm is a collection of unambiguous and executable operations to perform some task in a finite amount of time.
    2. Representations
      1. Pseudocode
        1. There are no syntax rules
          1. Pseudocode is a way of writing algorithms and is not a programming code!!!
            1. It uses simple English words to describe an algorithm like a very simple programming code
            2. Simple English
              1. this is a way of writing algorithms that is written in just English so it is easy for everyone to understand
              2. Flow Charts
                1. This is another way of writing an algorithm
                  1. It uses simple shapes to display inputs outputs programs etc.
                    1. They are simple toread and are written using shapes and simple English
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