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Natural Numbers Natural Numbers are normal counting numbers including zero.
Integer Numbers Integers are positive and negative whole numbers.
Rational Number Q is the set of numbers that can be written as fractions (ratios of integers). Since a number such as 7 can be written as 7/1, all integers are rational numbers.
Irrational Numbers An irrational number is one that cannot be written as a fraction, for example √2.
Real Numbers R is the set of all 'possible real world quantities'.
Ordinal Numbers When objects are placed in order, ordinal numbers are used to tell their position. For example, if we have a well-ordered set S = {‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’, ‘d’}, then ‘a’ is the 1st object, ‘b’ the 2nd, and so on.
Numbers for Counting and Measurement We use natural numbers for counting We use real numbers for measurement
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