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What are micrometer screws used for? Measuring very small Distances
What is the difference between speed and velocity? Velocity is the measure of speed in one direction. Speed is how much distance travelled in a certain amount of time. Velocity is a vector quantity whereas speed is a scalar quantity
What is the gradient in a distance-time graph? Speed
What is the gradient in a speed-time graph? acceleration
What is deceleration? Negative acceleration
Describe the motion of a falling object, taking air resistance into consideration (EXAMPLE: a ball falling) 1. As the ball starts to fall, the ball is gaining speed 2. After a while, the ball will reach its terminal velocity. At this point, the downward force is the same as the upward air resistance
What is a Moment? A turning force
Describe the behavior of the moments when e.g. a see-saw is in equilibrium In an equilibrium see-saw both moments are equal which means a resultant force of 0. Therefore the see-saw is in equilibrium.
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