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Binary Form AB structure
Ternary Form ABA structure
Rondo Form ABACAD... structure
Terraced dynamics When dynamics change suddenly in a piece
Basso Continuo A continuous bass part in Baroque Music, often played on a harpsichord and cello.
Homophonic Texture Where the tune is accompanied by chords, keeping to roughly the same rhythm
Heterophonic Texture All the parts have different versions of the tune
Klangfarbenmelodie A word meaning 'tone-colour-melody' made up by Schoenberg. It is a technique he used to break up the melodies by passing them round to different parts
Imitation A phrase that is repeated with little variations. Could be one instrument or voice, or two ore more imitating each other
Pizzicato Plucking of the strings
Con arco With the bow
Polyphonic Texture Musical Texture where two or more tunes are played at the same time and woven together
sul ponticello Play close to the bridge
Ground bass A way of playing the variations with a strong bass part as the main theme
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