All the formulae that I saw in the syllabus for Physics
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What is Speed? Total Distance / Total Time
What is Force?
What is work Done (using force)?
What is work done (using power)?
What is Hooke's Equation? F = kx (Force = constant * extension)
What is momentum?
What is Pressure in solids? Force / Area
What is Resistance?
What is Kinetic Energy 1/2 mv^2
What is Gravitational Potential Energy? mgh
What is Average Speed?
What is Acceleration?
What is weight? mass x gravitational field strength
What is density (ρ)
What is impulse?
What is Efficiency? (The one with energy)
What also is Efficiency? (The one with power)
What does "W=fd=∆E" Work done = force * distance = ∆Energy
What is pressure in liquids? hρg (height * gravitational field strength * density)
What is thermal capacity mc (mass * specific heat capacity)
What is change in Energy? E = mc∆T (mass * specific heat capacity * change in Temperature)
What is pressure in gases? pV = k (pressure * Volume = constant)
What is latent heat? l = Energy/mass
What is wave speed?
What is wave period?
What is frequency? (using period) F = 1 / Wave period
What is refractive index? (using the incident angle)
What is refractive index? (using speed)
What is refractive index? (using the critical angle)
What is Current?
What is power?
what is the principle of transformers?
what is another principle of transformers?
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