Baroque Period


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Baroque Period 1600-1750
Key Composers - Bach - Handel - Vivaldi
Bach's Composition(s) - Toccata and Fugue in D minor
Vivaldi's Composition(s) The 4 seasons - Spring - Summer - Winter - Autumn
Handel's Composition(s) - Messiah - Water Music
Key Features of Baroque Music - Mostly Sacred - Harpsichord - Tonal - Decorated - Polyphonic
Decorations - Trills - Mordents - Glissando
Tril a twiddly note
Instruments Commonly Used in Baroque Period - Harpsichord - Organ - String Family
What is sacred music? Music that has a religious theme
Types of Sacred Music - Oratorio - Hymn - Chorale - Requiem
Requiem a mass for the dead
Oratorio an opera with a religious theme
Chorale a hymn sung in SATB
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