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on, onto, at auf
me , myself mich
that dass / daß
so, that, as, if so
here hier
a, an eine
if, when wenn
to have hat
all all
(we/they/you all) are sind
from, of von
you (accusative of du), yourself (accusative) dich
(I/he/she/it) was war
to have, possess, own haben
for für
to, on, at, by, about, against an
to have habe
there, here, then da
no nein
(I) am bin
still, yet noch
you, to you dir
us uns
oneself, itself, himself, herself, themselves sich
only, merely, just nur
a, an einen
(I) can, am able to kann
the, to whom, to which dem
also, too, as well auch
already, just, yet, indeed, surely schon
than, when, as, while, as if als
then, after that dann
him, it (accusative of "er") ihn
times (adverb mal
(you) have hast
to be, to have, to exist, there is / it is sein
you, you all ihr
out aus
at um
again aber
mine , to think, to mean meine
objection Aber
(he/she/it) becomes wird
but, though, however, yet doch
my mein
(you) are bist
none, nobody, keine
good gut
or oder
white weiß
now jetzt
one, they, you man
to, after, according to nach
to get, to become werden
where, somewhere, when wo
oh oh
(I) want to will
so, therefore, thus also
more, no longer mehr
always immer
(I) must/have to, muss
why warum
at, by, near, with, among bei
some, something, any etwas
nothing nichts
please, you're welcome, excuse me bitte
again wieder
to make, do, prepare machen
this, these diese
before, in front of vor
to be able to, können
to have hab
to the zum
to go, walk gehen
very sehr
(he/she/it) goes, is going geht
to see, look sehen
to do, make tun
man, male, husband Mann
you, yourselves euch
who wer
real, true, natural wirklich
him, to him ihm
a, an (masculine and neuter dative) einem
(I) become werde
to say, tell sagen
your deine
for, because, then, than denn
thank you danke
other, different, next andere
above, over, across, beyond, about, on über
come komm
a, an einer
easy, simple, plain einfach
(I/he/she) should soll
must, have to müssen
never nie
(he/she/it) gives gibt
hi, hey hey
the des
(he/she/it) does, is doing tut
life, to live Leben
(you) want to willst
much, a lot viel
loose, not attached, rid of los
time, age, tense Zeit
you, to you Ihnen
on, at, on the, at the am
(I/he/she/it) would become würde
to have hatte
(you) can kannst
to know wissen
back, backwards zurück
today, nowadays heute
with it, thereby damit
said (past participle of "sagen") gesagt
your (polite) Ihr
does, makes macht
(you/"du") know weißt
no, not a, not an kein
to want, to wish, to desire wollen
(I/he/she/it) became wurde
(I/he/she/it) wanted to, would want to wollte
woman, wife, Mrs/Ms Frau
(I/he/she/it) would be wäre
God Gott
people Leute
work Arbeit
the , this, that (demonstrative pronoun), who, that, which (relative pronoun) das
(he/she/it) is ist
you (informal, addressing one person) du
I ich
not nicht
the , that, which, who (relative pronoun), this one, that one, these ones, those ones (demonstrative pronoun) die
it (neuter gender) es
and und
you (polite or formal) Sie
the , who, that, which (relative pronoun, singular) der
what (interrogative), which (relative) was
we (nominative plural) wir
to, in, at, on, into, for (preposition), too, to, towards zu
a, an (indefinite article, masculine and neuter nominative, neuter accusative), one (number) ein
he, it (masculine) er
in, within in
she, it (feminine), they, you (plural) sie
me, to me (dative singular of "ich") mir
with mit
yes ja
how (adverb), like, as (conjunction) wie
the ,this, that one (demonstrative pronoun, accusative masculine singular of "der"), who, that, which (relative pronoun) den
test test
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