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Radial Concerning back/lateral side of the arm
Ulnar Concerning front/medial side of the arm
Anterior Compartment- Muscles 2- The Biceps and Brachialis
Anterior Compartment- Biceps Brachii Role Flexor of elbow joint
Anterior Compartment- Biceps Bracii Supplied By Musculocutaneous nerve
Anterior Compartment- Biceps Bracii Short Head Originates from Coracoid Process
Anterior Compartment- Biceps Bracii Long Head Originates from superglenoid tuburcle, transverses bioccipital groove
Anterior Compartment- Biceps Bracii Biceps Tendon Insertion links to radial tuberosity
Anterior Compartment- Brachialis Role Flexor - assists in biceps movement, increasing power
Anterior Compartment- Brachialis Supplier Musculocutaneous nerve
Anterior Compartment- Brachialis Origin Long part of humerous- very wide & has no tendon
Anterior Compartment- Brachialis Insertion Coronal process of radius
Posterior Compartment- Triceps Role Extensor
Posterior Compartment- Triceps Supplier Radial nerve
Posterior Compartment- Triceps Lateral & Medial Origins Rise from humerus
Posterior Compartment- Triceps Long Head Binds in franglenoid tuburcle
Posterior Compartment- Triceps Insertion Olecranon process of ulna
Nerves in upper limb arise from Brachial plexus
Axillary Nerve Location Winds around surgical neck of humerus
Axillary Never Role Supplies deltoid
Musculocutaneous Nerve Location Ends at upper limb
Musculocutaneous Nerve Role Supplies flexors of upper limb
Radial Nerve Location Winds behind humerous into posterior compartment
Radial Nerve Role Supplie extensors of elbow, arm and hand
Ulnar/Median Nerve Location Cubital Fosse
Ulnar/Median Nerve Role Sensory & motor supply of forearm & hand
Autonomic Efferent Nerve Role Supplies smooth muscle of blood vessels
Axillary Artery Location Axilla, along with auxillary vein & brachial plexus
Brachial Artery Location Upper limb
Radial/Ulnar Artery Locations Branch at Cubital Fosse from brachial artery, then run along respective bones
Use of Brachial Artery Blood pressure readings
Brachial Artery- No sound Artery is closed- high pressure
Brachial Artery- Sound & Hg 120 Artery is opening/closing
Brachial Artery- No sound & pressure 80 Artery open
Cubital Fosse Where brachial artery branches
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