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Querulous Constantly complaining.
Rampant Unrestrained or widespread.
Ratify To approve or confirm.
Rebuff To ignore or reject strongly.
Rebuttal Denial or contradiction.
Recant To withdraw a statement or belief.
Recluse A person who prefers to be alone all the time.
Recondite Hidden or difficult to understand.
Redolent Strongly scented.
Redundant Excessively repetitive.
Relegate To reduce or demote to an inferior place or position (verb); also can mean to banish; ex: the school board tells the principal that he is being relegated to a teacher.
Relevancy Having a clear relationship to the matter at hand.
Remorse A feeling of guilt or regret.
Reprimand To scold or criticize.
Reprove To scold or criticize in disapproval or disappointed.
Repudiate To disown or reject.
Reserve The ability to control one's emotions; self restraint.
Resign To give in or relinquish; acquiesce.
Resolve Determination or strong willed.
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