Electric Counterpoint


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What is the structure? A1,2,3,4 B Coda
How can section B be identified? Key change
What is the melody based on? The ostinato in guitar 1
What techniques are used to build up the melody? Note edition in the live guitar
What does the live guitar play after all of the guitar parts come in? The resultant melody
What is the most prominent melodic interval in the bass? an octave
What is the opening time signature? 3 2
What other time signature is used? 12 8
What is the technical term for two different time signatures? Polymetric
What does the key seem like at the begining? E minor
When does the key become clear? With the addition of the bass guitars
What key does the piece modulate to in section B? C minor It then switches between the two
What chords does guitar 5 play? C, Bm, E5
What chords does guitar 6 play? C, D, Em
What chords does guitar 7 play? C, D, Bm
What happens when notes of the chords overlap? More complex chords are created
How many guitars? 10
How many live guitars? 1
How many picking? 4
How many strumming? 3
How many bass guitars? 2
What technique is used in the bass guitars? Panning
What is the overall texture? Contrapuntal
How does the texture start? Monophonic
What does it then move into? 4 part guitar canon
How do the two bass guitars come in? Using note addition
What do the strummed chords add to the texture? Homophony
When was the piece written? 1987
What style is electric counterpoint? Minimalism
What was another minimalist composer? Philip glass
When did minimalism begin? 1960s Because contemporary classical music was too complicated
What are the features of a minimalist piece? Tonal Based on one simple idea
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