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What elements make up a construction project? Substructure - Below ground level Superstructure - all above Frame Facade Services Finishes Fixtures and furniture
What are the building regulations? A set of guidelines that are to be met in order to achieve building approval sign off, so it performs basic function safely
What is the build up to a car park? Sub-grade Sub-base base binder Surface
What are the various methods of excavating? Open Perimeter Complete
What is part L of the building regulations? Conservation of fuel and power, and measures the energy efficiency of buildings.
What is the difference between steel and concrete frames? Concrete is quicker to site Steel is quicker to erect concrete is more expense on site due to formwork Steel is weaker in fire and needs protection
What are some of the ways to ventilate a building? Natural and Mechanical Windows and air circulators
What are the different type of pile foundation? Driven - pre fabricated off site and driven into ground, can be secant or contiguous, or sheet pilling Board Piles - drill hole, and pour concrete in situ then place cage. All to create foundation or retaining wall
Name some brick bonds English bond Flemish bond Running bond header bond Stretcher bond
What is the wall to floor ratio? Comparison of the external wall area against the internal floor area. It measures the efficiency of a building.
What is the standard size of a brick? 215x102.5x65
What is working space? Safe space or area to allow working to carry out task, most common when laying bricks within trench,
What is the difference between pre and post tension? Post tension is when the tendons are stressed after the concrete is poured Pre tension is when the tendons are stressed before the concrete is poured
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