Chapter 7 Key Words


Chapter 7 Key Words and their definitions for Accounting Information Systems Design & Analysis
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Agents The people or organizations, such as customers or salespeople, who participate in business events.
Events (UML) Classes that model the organization’s transactions, usually affecting the organization’s resources, such as sales and cash receipts; (BPMN) important occurrences that affect the flow of activities in a business process, including start, intermediate, and end events.
Finished Goods Inventory For a manufacturing company, the inventory (REA resource) that has completed the manufacturing process and is held for sale to customers.
Gateway Shows process branching and merging as the result of decisions. Basic gateways are depicted as diamonds. Usually, gateways appear as pairs on the diagram. The first gateway shows the branching, and the second gateway shows merging of the process branches.
Intermediate Error Event Occurs between start and end events and affects the flow of the process. Intermediate error events represent interruptions to the normal flow of the process and start the exception flow.
Labor Operations Event In the conversion process, an event that represents the recording of labor (and any associated overhead) costs applied to work-in-process.
Many-to-Many Relationship Exists when instances of one class (e.g., sales) are related to many instances of another class (e.g., inventory) and vice versa. These relationships are implemented in Access and relational databases by adding a linking table to convert the many-to-many relationship into two one-to-many relationships.
Production Authorization Event In a UML class model of the conversion process, an event that records the authorization to produce one or more finished good inventory items.
Raw Material Issue Event In a UML class diagram of the conversion process, an event that records the transfer of raw materials into work-in-process.
Raw Materials Inventory For a manufacturing company, the inventory (REA resource) acquired for use (conversion) in the manufacturing process.
REA Resource-event-agent framework for modeling business processes, originally developed by William McCarthy.
Resources Those things that have economic value to a firm, such as cash and products.
Type Image Class that represents management information (such as categorizations, policies, and guidelines) to help manage a business process. Type image often allows process information to be summarized by category.
Work-in-Process Inventory For a manufacturing company, the value of raw materials, direct labor, and manufacturing overhead in production but not yet finished.
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