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Who was the first emperor of the Tang dynasty? Li Yaun
Who took the throne right after the first Tang emporer died? Li Shimin otherwise known as Tang Taizong (Li Yaun's son)
What are Tributary states? Neighboring lands (Vietnam, Tibet, and Korea). The states could remain self governing but had to acknowledge Chinese supremacy. Sent a regular tribute to the Tang emperor.
What is land reform? A system that broke up large agricultural land and redistributed it to peasants.
What was the effect of land reforming on the chinese central government? Strengthened central government by weakening the power of large land owners. (Positive)
What started the decline of the Tang dynasty? Losing territories in Central Asia to Arabs, high taxes, natural disatsers, and rebels.
When was the Song dynasty founded? 960 A.D. by a general named Zhao Kuangyin
Who overthrew the Song dynasty and when? The Mongols in the 1200's
What are some achievments accomplished by the Song dynasty Establishing a merit-based government- based on confucian traditions and positions based off of talent (performing) Chan- Form of Buddhism. Emphasized intense and quiet meditation. New roads and waterways= Faster trade and information spread New fast growing rice= more food = pop. Compass- Nevagation more accurate Paper money- Paying for good easier Abacus- first calculator Moveable-type printing = literacy increase
What was confucianism Seen either as a philosophy or religion
Who were the scholar gentry and what was their role in society? A wealthy land owning class able to spend year studying and could partake in government.
What was a dowry payment that a woman brings to her marriage Payment that a woman brings to her marraige. She can't remarry or keep her dowry.
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