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anthropology study people and behavior to better communicate with/relate to other human groups in interdependent world
physical anthropology forensics
cultural anthropology linguistics archaeology
society share geographical territory and culture self-perpetuating (sustained)
culture learned and shared attitudes, values, and ways of behaving of the members of a society
building block approach to culture sanctions norms values beliefs
norms society's definition of behavior customs folkways mores laws
customs optional behavior
folkways unwritten expectations manners and etiquette
mores prohibitions taboos emotional investment
laws legalized requirements
sanctions rewards punishment enforcement
values what is good and bad
beliefs reality and truth
traits observable: clothing behavior interaction
institutions help see values/behavioral expectations
worldview values institutions traits
reality future personal property
identity renowned and nobodies
natural vs. supernatural another realm
western we shape our world we create future time driven save for future work hard to reach top possession independent, own decisions moral absolutes
eastern nature provides destiny no time rush worry about tomorrow later group happiness possessions shared group, respect authority feelings of others over honesty
guilt violating God's law
shame cultural factor, acceptance driven
Eastern culture collective passive
Western Culture individualistic active
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