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SOURCE Pieces of evidence used by historians to explain how events in history happened
PRIMARY SOURCE Evidence from the time of the event
SECONDARY SOURCE Evidence from time after the event
BIAS A form of prejudice, an unfair preference for or dislike of something
PROPAGANDA Information or rumours created and spread to influence public views about people or events
EXAGGERATION Stating that someone or something is more or less, better or worse than it actually is
CHRONOLOGY Putting events in the order in which they happened (in order of time)
ARTEFACT Objects made by people, such as spears, pots, coins and rings
RESCUE/SALVAGE ARCHAEOLOGY When archaeologists excavate an area because a new building/motorway is about to be built there
STRATIGRAPHY Dating artefacts by what level they are found in, higher-newer deeper-older
CARBON DATING Dating artefacts by measuring the amount of carbon 14 the object has released
DENDROCHRONOLOGY Dating wooden objects by examining tree ring patterns and comparing them with other records
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