Ethical, Legal and Environmental Impacts of Digital Technology on Wider Society


UNIT 7 Computer Science: Ethical, Legal and Environmental Impacts of Digital Technology on Wider Society
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Digital Divide The divide between people who have access to new technology and those who either don't or have old technology.
Working Conditions Digital technology led to increased monitoring and automation in workplaces. Automation resulted in less jobs and lower wages.
Privacy More monitoring technology available. People have less privacy.
Black Hat Hacking with malicious intent. Mostly to cause damage or to extort money.
Grey Hat Mostly good, but do hack servers without permission and then notify owners about vulnerabilities.
White Hat A hacker which usually works in a security company, and works to legally find problems in security of servers.
Companies and Cybersecurity. As more and more companies are storing more and more data about people, more of this data is personal and has to be protected from hacking attempts.
Professional Standards Formal codes of conduct, acceptable use policies, internet access policies.
DPA The Data Protection Act Was replaced by the GDPR. Principles similar.
GDPR The General Data Protection Regulation - Protecting data of living people. - Data must be stored securely, and with adequate security to prevent hacks. - Outdated data must be disposed. - A user has the right to request his data to be removed.
Computer Misuse Act Unauthorised access - 2 years Unauthorised access with intent to commit crimes - 5 years. Unauthorised modification of data - 10 years Distribution/creation of hacking tools - 10 years
Freedom of Information Act - Public authorities (ones which are funded via tax) are required to publish their data.
Copyright Act Original intellectual property can be protected. This makes piracy, or using random internet images illegal.
Technotrash (also known as E-Waste) Increased waste from PCs/Laptops/Phones being thrown away, can be reduced by recycling. But affects environment negatively.
Increased energy use Most energy sourced via fossil fuel, therefore increased carbon dioxide production, and therefore a bigger contribution to global warming.
Global assembly lines Transport across oceans or countries can be very expensive and burn lots of fuel, causing increased carbon dioxide emmisions.
Increased mining for rare earth elements Materials used in electronics use rare earth metals, and the methods used to mine such metals cause significant damage to the environment.
Large energy usage by server farms - More and more server farms are being opened around the world. This causes a large increase in electricity usage, this can accelerate global warming if energy isn't sourced responsibly.
Remedying damage by increased electricity consumption - Use renewable sources of electricity in order to not contribute to global warming.
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