Lear Critics for Every Occasion!


When you have as little spare room in that ol' brain as me, you probably want (one probably wants) some nice critic quotes that we can squeeze into nearly every essay going.
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SAMUEL JOHNSON 'Tragedy of King Lear' 'A play in which the wicked prosper and the virtuous miscarry'
CHARLES LAMB 'We see not Lear, but we are Lear'
RICHARD G. MOULTON 'The play is occupied with the contact of two madnesses... Lear and Edgar' 'duet of madness'
JOSEPH WARTON 'impossible to be represented on a stage'
A. C. BRADLEY 'Monstrously unjust'
SCHLEGEL 'After so many sufferings, Lear can only die' (felt the play's conclusion was right)
Fun fact: Shakespeare invented the words 'bedazzle' and 'swagger', so in that exam, 'bedazzle' that examiner with your 'swag[ger]'
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