Milgram (1963) Behavioural study of Obediance


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Context When the Nazi war criminals were in court for their crimes- They had said they were only following orders from their superiors
Aims Milgram wanted to discover whether or not normal people (americans) would do acts such as giving a fatal electric shock because they were following orders
Sample 40 Male participants who had answered a newspaper article Ages between 20-50 jobs ranged from unempolyed and professionals Each participant were paid $4.50 for taking part
Procedure:1 Participants woulld draw straws on who would be the teacher, experimenter and learner- these draws were rigged The learner was called 'Mr. Wallace' and was a confederate of Milgram's
Procedure:2 The teachers would have to sit infront of an electric shock box and deal fake electric shocks to the learner (the shocks were onot real, but the participant believed that they were) The electric shock machine went from 30v to 450v
Findings All participants went to at least 300v 65% participants went all the way to 450v During the experiment nearly all of the participants were showing signs of stress and distress
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