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Describe the details of the re-militarization of the Rhineland
What % of Saarlanders voted yes? 90%
What and when was the non-aggression pact with Poland? Signed a non-aggression pact with Poland in 1934 (They couldn’t invade each other) for 10 years
When was the Anglo-German naval agreement? Describe the terms. Britain signed a naval agreement with Hitler in 1935. This allowed Germany to own a fleet no bigger than 35% of Britain
What did Hitler do to Re-arm? Why wasn't he stopped?
When and why did Hitler withdraw from the disarmament conference? Withdrew from the World Disarmament Conference in 1933 on the basis that no other country was willing to disarm.
When and why did Chamberlain re-introduce conscription? April 1939 due to the Invasion of Czechoslovakia
What did the Nazis do to persuade the Saarlanders? Mounted a huge campaign to persuade them to vote yes. Beat up communist and socialist opposition. Sent troops to the boarder before Britain and France threatened to send in troops.
Describe how Hitler formed an Anschuless with Austria.
When was the re-occupation of the Saar? January 1935
What were Hitlers aims in foreign policy?
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