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Cardiovascular system links all parts of the body. It is also called _____. Circulatory System
Name the three main components of the cardiovascular system? blood blood vessels heart
3 functions of blood 1. Delivery needed materials 2. Removing waste product 3. Fighting diseases
what does blood carries from the lung to other body cells? Oxygen
What does blood transport to the body cells for releasing energy? glucose
what waste product does blood carries to the lung for breathing out? Carbon dioxide
What is the disease-fighting blood cells contained in blood? white blood cells
What is the function of heart? It works as a pump to drive blood throughout the body
The heart is separated into two halves by _____ Septum
Each side have tow chambers Upper: ______ Lower: ______ Upper: atrium Lower: ventricle
Left and right atria receive blood from the body via _____ Veins
Left and right atria contracts and pushes blood into the _____ ventricles
Left and right ventricle contracts and pushes blood into the ____ arteries
direction of blood flow 1. vein > right atrium > right ventricle > artery > lung 2. vein > left atrium > left ventricle > artery > rest of body
Blood is pumped by heart to different part of the body via the ______ blood vessels
The pattern of blood flow can be divided into two loops: Loop 1: Loop one : Heart -> lung -> heart
The pattern of blood flow can be divided into two loops: Loop 2: Loop two: Heart -> rest of the body(except lung) -> heart
Identify: vein from body arteries to lungs veins from the lungs arteries to body
What is the purpose of loop one (to the lung and back)? 1. to get oxygen from the lung 2. to remove carbon dioxide produced in respiration
What is the purpose of loop two (to the body and back)? 1. to supply oxygen to the body cells 2. to collect carbon dioxide produced in respiration
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