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Inheritance transmission of genetic material from generation to generation
Chromosome thread of DNA made up of string of genes
What are the four bases that make up the genetic code? adenine tymine guanine cytosine
how do the bases pair up in the DNA molecule? C-G T-A
Gene length of DNA unit of heredity codes for a specific protein may be passed to the next generation
Alleles Alternatives of the same gene
Diploid Nucleus Contains two sets of chromosomes
Haploid nucleus Contains only one set of chromosomes Found in gametes
Homologous Chromosomes Chromosomes in the same pair
Mitosis growth and repair 1 diploid cell divides into 2 diploid cells
Meiosis formation of gametes 1 diploid cell divides into 4 haploid cells (gametes)
Phenotype expressed feature of an individual
Genotype genetic make up of an individual
Heterozygous two different alleles of a particular gene
Homozygous two identical alleles of a particular gene
Dominant allele that is expressed if present
Recessive allele that is only expressed if no dominant allele is present
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