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First Ionisation Energy The energy required to remove one electron from each atom in one mole of gaseous atoms to form one mole of gaseous +1 ions
Successive Ionisation Energy A measure of the energy required to remove each electron in turn. For example, the second ionisation energy of an element is the energy required to remove one electron from each ion in one mole of gaseous 1+ ions to form one mole of gaseous 2+ ions
Obital Region that can hold up to two electrons, with opposite spins
S Orbital Spherical Shape
P Orbital 3D dumb-bell shape at right angles to each other
Ionic bonding electrostatic attraction between opppositely charged ions
Covalent Bond bond formed by a shared pair of electrons
Electronegativity The ability of an atom to attract the bonding electrons in a covalent bond
Boron Triflouride: 3 bonded pairs Bond angle: 120 Trigonal Planar
Methane: 4 bonded pairs bond angle: 109.5 Tetrahedral
Sulphur Hexaflouride 6 bonded electron pairs bond angle: 90 Octahedral
Ammonia bond angle: 107 pyramidal
Water bond angle: 104.5 non-linear
CO2 bond angle: 180 Linear
Metallic Bonding the attraction of positive ions to delocalised electrons
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