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Lingual papillea
A: Filliform papillea Very numerous , elongated B: Fungiform papillea
Fungiform papilla : Less numerous , mushroom-shaped
Parietal cell TEM "NOTICE apical occluding junction"
A : Lumen B : Microvilli C : Intracellular canaliculas D : Mitochondria
Enteroendocrine cell (Open type) A: Basal electron dense granules
Enteroendocrine cell (Closed type) A: basal electron dense granules
SEM of small intestine A : Villus B : Crypt
TEM of enterocytes covering the villi
Apical surface of enterocytes TEM A : Microvilli B : Zonula occludens C : Zonula adherens D : Desmosome
Goblet cell
A : secretory granules containig mucous B : Nucleus C : rER D : Enterocyte
TEM of the basal part Of the crypts Of small intestine
A : Paneth cell B : Apical granules C: Entero-endocrine cell B : basal granules D : blood capillary
SEM of the Colon
A : Goblet cell B : opening of a crypt *notice absence of villi
SEM of the Colon (side view) A: smooth surface B: Crypts
TEM of coloumnar absorbtive cells Lining the colon
A : short microvilli B : lateral membrane infoldings ( for water absorbtion)
TEM OF Pancreatic acinar cell
A : Lumen B : Zymogen granules C : Nucleus With evident nucleolus D : rER
TEM of a part of the liver
A : large fat droplet inside Ito cell B : Kupffer cell C : Blood sinusoid D : Space of Disse E : Microvilli
TEM of part of Liver A: Nucleus of endothelial cell B : Microvilli C: Blood sinusoid D : Hepatocyte E: Space of Disse
A : Hepatocyte B : Kupffer Cell C : fat droplets inside Ito cell E : Space of Disse
TEM of a bile canaliculus A: Hepatocytes B: Microvilli C: Lumen of bile canaliculus D: tight junction
TEM OF BILE CANALICULUS A: Hepatocyte B : Lumen of bile canaliculus
SEM of Fenestrated sinusoid of Liver
A : Space of Disse B : Hepatocyte C : fenestrea of epithelial cells ( Sieve plate)
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