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What is Community? The people living in an area, or place or the people who work in a particular place (e.g. school)
What is Political Literacy? Knowledge of politics and how democracy works
What is a pressure group? A group of people who take action to try to influence the government (local or natural) about a specific issue
What is campaigning? Actions or events organised by an individual group of people to achieve an aim
What is a Target Group? The organization that the action is aimed at
What is an Active Citizen? A person who helps to influence change in their commnity
How do you become an Active Citizen? More active citizens=More influence and success
What is direct action? A form of protest used to bring an issue to the attention of the target group (e.g. strike, march, public meeting boycott)
What is Indirect Action? Campaigning by letter writing, distributing leaflets , petitioning which doesn't involve the target group
What is a Democratic Process? The public consultation involved in amending official government laws and legislation
What are the aims and tactics of Fathers 4 Justice? -AIM: Equal rights for mother and father of children affected by separation -TARGET: British Government -ACTION: public demonstrations -SUCCESS: not taken seriously
What are the aims and tactics of Greenpeace? -AIM: Protect natural world from environmental abuse -TARGET: General Public -ACTION: Protest, petition, fundraising, volunteering -SUCCESS: Halted a lot of destruction of natural world
What are the aims and tactics of Oxfam? -AIM: Stop world hunger -TARGET: Government -ACTION: Fundraising, shops -SUCCESS: Improved facilities for millions
What are the aims and tactics of Amnesty International? -AIM: Give rights to prisoners, women, victims of war, refugees -TARGET: Governments -ACTION: Protest, petitions letters -SUCCESS: Saved from execution, homes to refugees, stopped discrimination
Describe the work of the Suffragettes -20th Century -Fought for: divorce, education, jobs -Emily Wilding Davison: Derby -Violent Protest -WW1: Women did men's work -DID GAIN RIGHTS
How did Volunteering during Hurricane Irene make a difference? -Helped rebuild homes -People feel supported and recover quicker -Giving back to the community
How did Olympic Volunteers make a difference? -Made London 2012 run smoothly for spectators -Made best possible atmosphere -Once in a lifetime experience
How do The Princes Trust make a difference? -Helps people develop skills=better future -Young people develop skills to get a jobs -Lower crime rate, more money spent on local area
Why do people volunteer? -Charity has sentimental meaning -Help others -Unique Experience -Fill time -Give something back -Work experience D of E
What is Democracy? A type of government in which the people of a country hold the power to rule by electing representatives
What does parliament make policies on? -Welfare Spending -Education -Immigration
Describe the conservatives FOUNDED: 17th century AIMS: people more freedom, government do less, less tax, protect traditional values, sovereignty CRITISISMS: only care about rich, give businesses too much power, greed!
Describe Labour FOUNDED: 1900 AIMS: socialist, public ownership of industries, redistribution of wealth, workers rights, welfare state, publicly funded heath/education CRITISISMS: shouldn't punish rich, government should do more, not actually socialist
Describe the Liberal Democrats FOUNDED: 1859 AIMS: Electoral reform, civil rights, tolerance and freedom, free education, strong citizens who hold government to account CRITICISIMS: Never win, don't matter
What is a Trade Union? Organisations that represent people at work
What do Trade Unions aim to do? -PROTECT their members -IMPROVE their members' pay and conditions
What do Trade Unions do? -Campaign on issues -Speak on behalf on members -Provide information, advice, guidance on work related problems -Provide a rage of services -Bargain employers for better pay
Why join a Trade Union? -Help if you have problem at work -Better pay, pension, working hours, holiday -Feel part of a community -At forefront of campaigns for fairer society -Safer workplaces -Good compensation
What is a Right? An entitlement, allowance or freedom
What is a Responsibility? A duty, expectation either moral or legal
What is Equal Opportunity? Treating everyone with the same rights and giving the same chances to all
What is Discrimination? Treating someone unfairly because of their differences, i.e. gender, race, age, disability, ethnicity, sexuality
What is Social Responsibility? Acting responsibly towards the community and the environment
What do EMPLOYERS want? -Keep costs down -Meet customers needs -Keep quality up -Customers that come back -Keep sales up -Competitive prices -Well trained/motivated workers -Investors who receive good return on their investment -Business survives in good and bad times
What do EMPLOYEES want? -Interesting job in pleasant, safe environment -Long term contract with high levels of protection in case of illness/redundancy -Consultation on changes to business -Secure Pension -Good rates of pay/benefit -Training to develop skills -Chances for promotion
What should a written statement of employment include? -The title of the position -The description of the job -The address of the employer -Location/s of the place of work -Normal working hours and days -Details concerning overtime -Arrangements for sick pay -Holiday entitlement -Notice for termination, for both parties -Information on disciplinary procedures
What did the two organisations responsible for Health and Safety at work, when and why? The Health and Safety Executive and The Health and Safety Commission MERGED 1st April 2008 Set policy to give advice and work with local authorities to enforce the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974)
What is the Health and Safety Work Act 1974? -Gives employers and employees the responsibility to work together to ensure the workplace is safe and healthy -Employers have to provide training in all parts of the job, from lifting heavy objects and using ladders to the use of electrical equipment and computers -They are to carry out risk assessments and give staff handbooks that contain H & S policy -It is the responsibility of the employee to let their employer know if they think a situation is dangerous or unhealthy and must stop working if they believe conditions to be dangerous
How old do you have to be to be paid the minimum wage? 16
What is a written statement of employment? Employees are entitled to receive a statement of employment, setting out main employment terms
What should a written statement of employment include? -Job description -Pay -Working hours -Grievance
When might an employee have to claim unfair dismissal? They may have been injured and fired unfairly because of it
What do the Sex Discrimination Act, The Race Relations Act and the Disability Discrimination Act all deal with? People being discriminated if they are in some way different to the discriminator
Give an example of illegal discrimination in the work place. Treating someone differently because of their race
Give an example of discrimination that is legal Not allowing someone to take part in a certain activity because of a disability
Explain consumer rights Consumers want quality goods and services for as cheap as possible, Businesses and traders want a big profit. When you buy goods or services, you enter a contract of sale with the business. Most people involved in market economies are fair. For ‘rouge traders’, Trading Standards Offices are in all local authorities to enforce the law. They give advice and investigate complaints. Office of Fair Trading, 1973-work with agencies and authorities for benefit of consumers/study all aspects of supply of goods and services.
What is the Sale of Goods Act, 1979? -Goods must be of a decent quality and not damaged or faulty. -Goods must be fit for the purpose and do what the manufacturer claims they will. -Goods must match the description given on the packaging.
What is The Sale of Goods and Services Act, 1982? This covers the same ideas as the 1979 Act and also covers such goods as building and hairdressing. Workmanship should be of REASONABLE STANDARD and be carried out within a REASONABLE TIME PERIOD. The details of this type of work should be agreed BEFORE HAND and WRITTEN DOWN where appropriate.
What is Contract of Sale? A contract by which the seller transfers or agrees to transfer the property in goods to the buyer for a money consideration, called the price
Give an example of consumer rights law You should get some ‘compensation’ if you buy faulty goods
Name a statutory rights body that gives advice on consumer rights Citizens Advice Bureau
Give an example of DIRECT and INDIRECT discrimination? DIRECT: A hotel turns you away because you’re gay. INDIRECT: An employer advises an employee that they will not be trained to work on new machinery because they are too old to learn new skills
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