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Big Bang Theory EDWIN HUBBLE: He proposed the idea that space was constantly expanding and therefore the universe is constantly expanding and decreasing in density. because the space between the galaxies was expanding, there were moving away from each other.
Steady State model FRED HOYLE: said that the universe was always the same size, and is not expanding. New matter is formed which pushes galaxies apart while keeping density of universe constant. REJECTED
Doppler effect The change in frequency or colour as the sound/colour waves are compressed or stretched due to the direction of the travelling object.
Red Shift Moving away (angry - storm off)
Blue Shift Moving Towards (too cool - everyone wants ya)
Jovian Gas giants - Large Mass and size. low density. No solid surface, With many moons and strong gravitational pull
Terrestrial Small size, Inner rocky planet. Fewer moons and a high density.
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