Psychology Chapter 6: Memory


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Memory System that recieves, organizes, alters, stores, and retrieves information gained from the senses
There are three processes of memory Endcoding, Storage, Retrival
Encoding Whatever is coming (any sensory information) eyes-light-neural image
Storage Hold on to information for a time Retrival getting the information Three Models of Memory Information-Processing Model Levels-Of-Processsing Model Parrallel Distributed Processing (PDP) Model Information-Processing Model Memory storage is similar to a computer process Levels-Of-Processesing Model Information that is "deeply processed" according to its meaning willl be remembered better Parrallel Distributed Processing (PDP) Model Memory processes take place at the same time of a large network of neural connections. Sensory Memory Very 1st Stage of Memory: Information enters the nervous system th
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