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Preguntas de repaso sobre historia de roma.
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1. What civilisation lived in the Italian peninsula in the eight century? Latins, Etruscans and Greeks
2. What civilisation decored with columns their grave? Etruscans
3. What civilisation was located in the centre of the peninsula? Latins
4. What civilisation was located un southern Italy? Greeks
========================= 5. What three periods are in Rome's history? ========================= Monarchy, Republic and Empire
========================= 6. What was the first goverment system in Rome ========================= A monarchy
========================= 7. Who founded Rome? ========================= Romulus
========================= 8. What civilisation occupied Rome during the monarchy? ========================= Etruscans
========================= 9. What were the institutions of goverment during the republic? ========================= Peope's assemblies, Magistrates and Senate
========================= 10. What institution controlled the army? ========================= Senate
========================= 11. Who struggle in the Punic Wars? ========================= Rome and Cartaghe
========================= 12. Why Rome faces to Carthage? ========================= Because the controll of the Mediterranean Sea
========================= 13. Who was the first roman empereor? ========================= Augustus
========================= 14. What's the capital of the Werstern Rome? ========================= Rome
========================= 15. What's the capital of Eastern Rome? ========================= Costantinople
========================= 16. Who invaded roman empire? ========================= German people
========================= 17. What did Roman people live from? ========================= Agriculture, Trade and Crafts
========================= 18. What was society like? ========================= Free people and slaves
========================= 19. What did they belive in? ========================= They were polytheists. The Chistianity began.
========================= 20. Some agricultural techniques used by the romans ========================= Fertilizer, irrigation...
========================= 21. What's the name of big farms where slaves and farmers could work? ========================= Villas
========================= 22. What products extracted Roman from Hispania? ========================= Metals
========================= 23. What products extracted Roman empire from Africa? ========================= Slaves and metals
=========================== 24. What products extracted Roman empire from Asia? =========================== Silks and spices
=========================== 25. What groups were divided the free people in Rome? =========================== In Patricians and plebeians
=========================== 26. How was called the counsel that defended the plebeian rights? =========================== Plebeian tribune
=========================== 27. What name recived free slaves? =========================== liberti
=========================== 28. What new social groups emerged at the end of Roman empire? =========================== Tenant farmers
=========================== 29. What's the name of the main streets in a roman city? =========================== Cardo and decumanus
=========================== 30. What's the most important part of a roman city?=========================== The forum
=========================== 31. What's a domus? =========================== Houses that belonged to rich people.
=========================== 32. What's an insulae? =========================== Buildings containing various apartaments
=========================== 33. Who were the state gods? =========================== Jupiter, Juno and Minerva
=========================== 34. Who were the household deities? =========================== Lares, Manes and Penates
========================= 35. Where the early Chistians were hiding? ========================= In Catacombs
========================= 36.What empereor estabilished freedom workship in the empire? ========================= Constantine
========================= 37. What empereor estabilished Chistianity as the official religion? ========================= Theodosius
========================= 38. Name two roman philosophers ========================= Seneca and Cicero
========================= 39. Name a famous poet in Rome ========================= Virgil
========================= 39. Name famous roman historians ========================= Julius Caesar, Tacitus...
========================= 40. What was the funcion of a basilic? ========================= There was a place for social meeting
========================= 41. What type of building naval battles were made? ========================= Aphitheatre
========================= 43. Types of sculpture in ancient Rome ========================= Portrait and historical reliefs
========================= 44. Who invaded the roman empire? ========================= Germanic barbarians
========================= 45. Who atacked the germanic people? ========================= Huns
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