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  • S.H.I.T. Curriculum
  • Content
  • Methodology
  • Objetives
  • Competences
  • The methodology used is based on developing the creativity and passion of the students, teach what students want to learn, give students opportunities so they can continue to learn the necessary foundations to be able to exercise what they want to do and finally, make that students have the desire to learn by themselves.
  • One of the biggest objectives of South Harmon Institute of Technology, is to be a place in service to the society, so a fundamental part of the contents offered in this institution are according to the students needs in order to create a place in which each of them can learn whatever they want. Also, the institute give the opportunity to the students of write in a board the subjects that they want, this space is called “What do you want to learn”, in many cases the students are the teachers.
  • -To encourage students learning by themselves according to the subjects they study in each career -To help people who don’t have think what will be their future, introducing them a free curriculum to make them analyze what kind of things are interesting for them. -To implement student’s abilities inside the subjects to develop them into the free schedule. -To create alternatives for the students to study what they want inside the free curriculum. -To give an integral environment for each student in order to go the extra mile sharing their knowledge and being a good people for the society.  
  • Walking down the road thinking about stuff: The students get to think about what they want to do with their lives in a stress- free environment Let it speak to you: It’s an art class in which students discover talents by examining their personal life experiences Rock our faces: Students listen to the music and lyrical angst of a lost generation… and they rock our faces off.  Cooking Doing Nothing Advanced Skepticism Advanced Napping Foreign Affairs “Hooking up overseas” Getting lost The Art of kissing
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