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What Motivates People

Michael Drury
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Point 50
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Hey there kiddos! Welcome back to the Michael Drury School of Motivation and Human Psychology! Buckle in cause this chapter had a huge load of information that i’m going to throw at you. So let’s get started. COMING IN AT NUMBER 50, People are More Motivated as they Get Closer to a Goal. Ironic that this is the first point in the chapter but what can you do. As the name implies, people tend to work harder and faster as they approach the end of a task. This is called the Goal-Gradient Effect. As a result of this, People tend to focus on what’s left to do rather than what they’ve already done. For example, as i’m writing this script, all i’m thinking about is how many more of these points I have left to do. Along with this, after a goal is reached, motivation to do more work plummets. This effect is known as the Post-Reward Resetting Phenomenon. You may now proceed to the next point, where things will really pop off. Good Luck.
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