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PLEASE NOTE: THIS COURSE IS STILL BEING UPDATED!!!!!{work in progress} * * * From food tests to magnification calculations to tips on drawing diagrams this course has got you covered... ...here is your magic wand for acing that alternative to practical exam. ;) CONTENT-in no particular order- >videos >in-depth information >useful links >tips >& more...

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VIDEO CREDITS: SCIENCE SAUCE(YOUTUBE)   FOOD/BIOLOGICAL MOLECULES TEST TEST FOR STARCH:- +Iodine    Starch present?  Yellow-brown----->Blue-black !!! Gently move test-tube in and out of the flame...avoids liquid boiling and spitting out AVOID direct contact with iodine, eye protection _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ -------------------------WORK IN PROGRESS----------------------------                            SORRY! PLEASE CHECK AGAIN LATER.....
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