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Conditional Statements study guide

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Helps Studying for a test on the topic of Conditional Statements.

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Conditional - An if-then statement that relates a hypothesis, to a conclusion.   Hypothesis - the phrase immediately following the word *if*   Conclusion - the phrase immediately following the word *then*   Truth Value - "true" (t) or "false" (f) according to wether the statement is true or false.   Truth Table - Lists all the possible combinations of truth values for 2 or more statements.   Converse - *q→p* the statement's hypothesis and conclusion are switched (if q, then p)   Negation - "not" ∼p meaning p is not true   Inverse - nagating both hypothesis and the conclusion of the origional staement. ( if not p then not q )   contrapositive - first write the converse and then negate the hypothesis and conclusion (if ~q, then ~p)   If not q, then not p.   Biconditional - p if and only if q ( compound statement)
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