66. People Expect Online Interactions to FOLLOW Social Rules


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    People EXPECT online interactions...
    To follow Social Rules

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    What does social media really mean?
    All online interactions are social interactions...INCLUDING: The act of going to a website  Filling out a form at a government Web site to renew your automobile registration

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    What are the rules for Social Interactions?
    When people interact with each other, they follow rules and guidelines: Both parties have expectations of how the interaction will go.If either of the party violates the expectations, then one of the parties OR BOTH will get uncomfortable.

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    ONLINE Interaction have the SAME rules...
    You have assumptions about how the site will respond and how the interaction will be...

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    How do Social interactions mirror online?
    Many of the online expectations mirror the person-to-person interactions...if the website is unresponsive or it takes too long to load...THEN...it's like the person you're speaking to is not looking at you, or ignoring you.

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    If the site asks for personal information too early in the interaction  THEN... Its like the other person getting too personal.

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    If the Web site does not save your information from session to session.THEN....That is like the other person not recognizing you or remembering that you know each other.

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    When designing a product think...
    Do the interactions FOLLOW social rules of a person-to-person interaction?...>Follow basic usability guidelines and you'll be more assured of meeting interactive expectations!
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