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Question 1

Universal Containers needs to use cases to manage both customer support issues and internal change requests. Which functionality should a system admin use to meet this requirement? Choose 3 answers
  • page layouts
  • validation rules
  • support process
  • delegated administation
  • record types

Question 2

Which schedule type can be defined for a product? Choose 2 answers
  • quantity
  • production
  • forecast
  • revenue

Question 3

what item appears in a user's My Unresolved items after synchronization using Salesforce for Outlook? Choose 2 answers
  • contacts not assigned to an account
  • emails not assigned to a record
  • cases not assigned to a contact
  • notes not assigned to a record

Question 4

Sales managers need to view and report on sales revenue across an entire company without having access to a custom object that tracks personal time off requests. Which permission should a system admin enable in a custom profile to meet this requirement in a private sharing model?
  • "view all data"
  • "view all for opportunities"
  • "read for accounts"
  • "read for opportunities"

Question 5

A system admin at Universal Containers create a new account record type. However, sales users are unable to select the record type when creating new account records. What is a possible reason for this? Choose 2 answers
  • the record type has not been activated
  • the record type has not been set as the default record type
  • the record type does not have an assigned page layout
  • the record type has not been added to the sales user profile

Question 6

Which of the following is NOT a standard Salesforce application? Select all that apply (pick 2)
  • Accounts
  • call center
  • marketing
  • invoices

Question 7

The marketing team, several (but not all) executive users, and several (but not all) users from sales ops should be granted the ability to access several list views and a report folder. As the Salesforce admin, how would you structure access?
  • create a new public group and assign each user to this group. Specify the public group within the sharing criteria for each list view and the folder report.
  • specify the named users and roles within the sharing criteria for each list view and the report folder
  • create a new role and assign each user to this role. Specify this role within the sharing criteria for each list view and the report folder
  • create a new permission set and assign each user the permission set. Specify access to the list views and report folder within the permission set.

Question 8

Jim is a traveling sales rep and has just landed from a cross-country flight. He views his calendar in Salesforce and notices that his calendar appointments are displaying several hours off. What is likely the cause?
  • the Salesforce org's time zone needs to be changed to reflect the change in time zone
  • Jim needs to update the time zone on his laptop to reflect the change in time zone
  • the locale on Kim's user record is set incorrectly
  • the time zone on Kim's user record needs to be updated to reflect the change in time zone

Question 9

Universal Containers requires that its Salesforce account data including attachments be backed up weekly. Which tool should a system admin use to accomplish this?
  • data export service
  • data loader
  • account analytic snapshot
  • account report export

Question 10

Which statement about Chatter posts and comments is true?
  • posts made to a user's profile are visible to all users in the organization
  • posts to a user's profile are hidden from anyone below the user in the role hierarchy
  • updates to the chatter feed on a record are only visible to users with access to the record
  • posts to a user's profile can be made private by checking the lock icon

Question 11

What is a method for adding content to Salesforce CRM Content? Choose 2 answers
  • libraries
  • documents
  • chatter files
  • attachments

Question 12

Data Loader can do ___ objects
  • none
  • all
  • most

Question 13

Universal Container uses web-to-case to convert support requests submitted through its website into cases. The support team would like Salesforce to automatically send an email containing password reset instructions to the customer when the case subject contains the words "forgot" and "password." What does the admin need to configure to meet this requirement?
  • support settings
  • email-to-case
  • auto-response rule
  • validation

Question 14

What task can a delegated admin perform? Choose 3 answers
  • create new user profiles
  • log in as a user who has granted login access
  • manage specified custom objects
  • reset passwords for all users
  • manage users within specified roles

Question 15

The support group at Universal Container wants agents to capture different information for product support and inquiry cases. What feature should an admin use to meet these requirements? Choose 3 answers
  • permission sets
  • record types
  • field-level security
  • support processes
  • page layouts

Question 16

What does a page layout allow an admin to control?
  • the fields users see in reports and list views
  • the record types available to each role and profile
  • the business process and related picklist values displayed
  • the fields users see on detail and edit pages

Question 17

Bob is a Salesforce system admin. He creates a sandbox to test a feature that will require activation. Bob submits a case to Salesforce support from the production environment. Support requests the org ID of the environment that Bob would like the feature activated within. Bob can provide support the production org ID, as the sandbox and production org IDs will match.
  • No, the production org ID will never match the org ID of any of its sandboxes
  • only in the case where the sandbox created is a developer sandbox
  • only in the case where the sandbox created is a full sandbox
  • Yes, the production org ID will always match the org ID of its sandboxes

Question 18

Which relationship can be selected in a custom report type where Accounts is the primary object and the Contacts is the related object?
  • each contact must have a related account
  • each account may or may not have related contacts
  • each contact may or may not have related accounts
  • each account must not have related contacts

Question 19

What should an admin consider with configuring workflow rules? Choose 2 answers
  • rules can be evaluated when records are created or edited
  • rule actions can take place immediately or on a specific date
  • all existing records are evaluated when a new rule is activated
  • rules must be deactivated before using an import wizard

Question 20

What action can a user with the standard system admin profile take? Choose 3 answers
  • access a log of the records a user has viewed
  • reset all user passwords
  • define and assign custom profiles to users
  • assign feature licenses to users
  • delete user records

Question 21

What option is available when scheduling a dashboard refresh? Choose 2 answers
  • schedule the dashboard to refresh in different time zones
  • send a refresh notification to users with access to the dashboard
  • define refresh times for specific dashboard components
  • view and remove scheduled dashboard refresh

Question 22

Which component can be included in a custom home page layout? Choose 3 answers
  • trending chatter topics
  • messages and alerts
  • analytic snapshots
  • pending approval list
  • dashboard components

Question 23

Which user is listed in the case history related list for case changes made for assignment and escalation rules?
  • the user who created the assignment or escalation rule
  • the owner of the case when the rule was triggered
  • the automated case user specified in the support settings

Question 24

Which setting can a system administrator enable in the user interface? pick 2
  • chatter messenger for specific users
  • customizable recent tags
  • printable list views
  • related list hover links

Question 25

When can a validation rule be used to prevent invalid data? choose 3 answers
  • when records are updated by a workflow rule
  • when records are submitted using web-to-lead
  • when records are deleted by a user
  • when records are edited by a user
  • when records are imported

Question 26

What is the purpose of the ideas community? Choose 2 answers
  • to comment on and vote for idea posted by other community members
  • to post customer ideas by logging cases on the ideas tab of the portal
  • to provide access to articles that answer questions around an idea theme
  • to invite customers, partners, and employees to submit ideas around a theme

Question 27

Universal Container uses a private sharing model for opportunities. The sales team wants sales engineers to be involved in specific opportunities to help sales representatives close deals faster. How can an admin meet this request?
  • add sales engineers to opportunity teams
  • add sales engineers to accounts teams
  • enable chatter feed tracking on opportunities
  • add chatter groups to opportunities

Question 28

Which are single data points:
  • gages and metrics
  • metrics
  • none of the above
  • gages

Question 29

Universal Container is using a private sharing model. The US sales director needs full access to all records owned by the US sales represenattives. How can this be accomplished?
  • define a role hierarchy where the US sales representatives roll up to the sales director
  • place the US sales director in a quese with the US sales representatives
  • give the US sales director read/write/edit/delete object permission on the profile
  • define a role hierarchy where the US sales director rolls up to the CEO

Question 30

What is required to make a user an approver in the approval process?
  • the user must be set up as a delegated approver
  • the user must be in the same role as the approval submitter in the role hierarchy
  • the user must have read permission for the object in the approval process
  • the user must opt in to receive email alerts when an approval request is requested

Question 31

IPI support has office hours Mon-Sun 8am-8pm but does not work Christmas, Thanksgiving, and several other holidays throughout the year. Cases are escalated according to working hours within the organization. How should this be configured in Salesforce? (select 2)
  • a recurring holiday must be added for each holiday and associated to the appropriate business hours
  • configuration of business hours and holidays is not required
  • Business hours must be configured to define the working hours Mon-Sun 8am-8pm
  • Salesforce automatically adds holidays, simply select all that apply

Question 32

Jim has logged into Salesforce. He clicks the leads__along the top of the screen, and then clicks the new button. He enters a lead name, company, and demographic information, and clicks save. Jim has created a lead __ within the lead __.
  • tab, record, object
  • tab, object, record
  • object, tab, record
  • object, record, tab

Question 33

Which circumstance will prevent a system admin from deleting a custom field?
  • the field is part of a field dependency
  • the field is used in a report
  • the field is used in a workflow field update
  • the field is used in a page layout

Question 34

Universal Containers wants to capture the invoice number and account credit score for billing cases. How would an admin accomplish this? Choose 2 answers
  • create a page layout
  • create a validation rule
  • create a support processes
  • create custom fields

Question 35

What permission is set in a user profile? Choose 3 answers
  • active
  • run reports
  • object permissions
  • mass email
  • marketing user
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