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Question 1

Which security implementation will provide control plane protection for a network device?
  • encryption for remote access connections
  • AAA for authenticating management access
  • routing protocol authentication
  • NTP for consistent timestamps on logging messages

Question 2

What is the one major difference between local AAA authentication and using the login local command when configuring device access authentication?
  • Local AAA authentication provides a way to configure backup methods of authentication, but login local does not.
  • The login local command requires the administrator to manually configure the usernames and passwords, but local AAA authentication does not.
  • Local AAA authentication allows more than one user account to be configured, but login local does not.
  • The login local command uses local usernames and passwords stored on the router, but local AAA authentication does not.

Question 3

Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator configures AAA authentication on R1. The administrator then tests the configuration by telneting to R1. The ACS servers are configured and running. What will happen if the authentication fails?
  • The enable secret password could be used in the next login attempt.
  • The authentication process stops.
  • The username and password of the local user database could be used in the next login attempt.
  • The enable secret password and a random username could be used in the next login attempt.

Question 4

What are two tasks that can be accomplished with the Nmap and Zenmap network tools? (Choose two.)
  • password recovery
  • password auditing
  • identification of Layer 3 protocol support on hosts
  • TCP and UDP port scanning
  • validation of IT system configuration

Question 5

Which Cisco IOS subcommand is used to compile an IPS signature into memory?
  • retired true
  • event-action produce-alert
  • retired false
  • event-action deny-attacker-inline

Question 6

Why are DES keys considered weak keys?
  • They are more resource intensive.
  • DES weak keys use very long key sizes.
  • They produce identical subkeys.
  • DES weak keys are difficult to manage.

Question 7

What is a benefit of using a next-generation firewall rather than a stateful firewall?
  • reactive protection against Internet attacks
  • granularity control within applications
  • support of TCP-based packet filtering
  • support for logging

Question 8

What is a result of securing the Cisco IOS image using the Cisco IOS Resilient Configuration feature?
  • When the router boots up, the Cisco IOS image is loaded from a secured FTP location.
  • The Cisco IOS image file is not visible in the output of the show flash command.
  • The Cisco IOS image is encrypted and then automatically backed up to the NVRAM.
  • The Cisco IOS image is encrypted and then automatically backed up to a TFTP server.

Question 9

The corporate security policy dictates that the traffic from the remote-access VPN clients must be separated between trusted traffic that is destined for the corporate subnets and untrusted traffic destined for the public Internet. Which VPN solution should be implemented to ensure compliance with the corporate policy?
  • MPLS
  • hairpinning
  • GRE
  • split tunneling

Question 10

Which two conditions must be met in order for a network administrator to be able to remotely manage multiple ASAs with Cisco ASDM? (Choose two.)
  • The ASAs must all be running the same ASDM version.
  • Each ASA must have the same enable secret password.
  • Each ASA must have the same master passphrase enabled.
  • The ASAs must be connected to each other through at least one inside interface.
  • ASDM must be run as a local application.

Question 11

What is negotiated in the establishment of an IPsec tunnel between two IPsec hosts during IKE Phase 1?
  • ISAKMP SA policy
  • DH groups
  • interesting traffic
  • transform sets

Question 12

What are two benefits of using a ZPF rather than a Classic Firewall? (Choose two.)
  • ZPF allows interfaces to be placed into zones for IP inspection.
  • The ZPF is not dependent on ACLs.
  • Multiple inspection actions are used with ZPF.
  • ZPF policies are easy to read and troubleshoot.
  • With ZPF, the router will allow packets unless they are explicitly blocked.

Question 13

Which security policy characteristic defines the purpose of standards?
  • step-by-step details regarding methods to deploy company switches
  • recommended best practices for placement of all company switches
  • required steps to ensure consistent configuration of all company switches
  • list of suggestions regarding how to quickly configure all company switches

Question 14

What algorithm is used to provide data integrity of a message through the use of a calculated hash value?
  • RSA
  • DH
  • AES
  • HMAC

Question 15

On which port should Dynamic ARP Inspection (DAI) be configured on a switch?
  • an uplink port to another switch
  • on any port where DHCP snooping is disabled
  • any untrusted port
  • access ports only

Question 16

What is a feature of a Cisco IOS Zone-Based Policy Firewall?
  • A router interface can belong to only one zone at a time.
  • Service policies are applied in interface configuration mode.
  • Router management interfaces must be manually assigned to the self zone.
  • The pass action works in multiple directions.

Question 17

Refer to the exhibit. The administrator can ping the S0/0/1 interface of RouterB but is unable to gain Telnet access to the router by using the password cisco123. What is a possible cause of the problem?
  • The Telnet connection between RouterA and RouterB is not working correctly.
  • The password cisco123 is wrong.
  • The administrator does not have enough rights on the PC that is being used.
  • The enable password and the Telnet password need to be the same.

Question 18

Refer to the exhibit. The ip verify source command is applied on untrusted interfaces. Which type of attack is mitigated by using this configuration?
  • DHCP spoofing
  • DHCP starvation
  • STP manipulation
  • MAC and IP address spoofing

Question 19

Refer to the exhibit. Which conclusion can be made from the show crypto map command output that is shown on R1?
  • The crypto map has not yet been applied to an interface.
  • The current peer IP address should be
  • There is a mismatch between the transform sets.
  • The tunnel configuration was established and can be tested with extended pings.

Question 20

What type of algorithms require sender and receiver to exchange a secret key that is used to ensure the confidentiality of messages?
  • symmetric algorithms
  • hashing algorithms
  • asymmetric algorithms
  • public key algorithms

Question 21

What is an advantage in using a packet filtering firewall versus a high-end firewall appliance?
  • Packet filters perform almost all the tasks of a high-end firewall at a fraction of the cost.
  • Packet filters provide an initial degree of security at the data-link and network layer.
  • Packet filters represent a complete firewall solution.
  • Packet filters are not susceptible to IP spoofing.

Question 22

Refer to the exhibit. In the network that is shown, which AAA command logs the use of EXEC session commands?
  • aaa accounting network start-stop group tacacs+
  • aaa accounting network start-stop group radius
  • aaa accounting connection start-stop group radius
  • aaa accounting exec start-stop group radius
  • aaa accounting connection start-stop group tacacs+
  • aaa accounting exec start-stop group tacacs+

Question 23

A network administrator enters the single-connection command. What effect does this command have on AAA operation?
  • allows a new TCP session to be established for every authorization request
  • authorizes connections based on a list of IP addresses configured in an ACL on a Cisco ACS server
  • allows a Cisco ACS server to minimize delay by establishing persistent TCP connections
  • allows the device to establish only a single connection with the AAA-enabled server

Question 24

Which two practices are associated with securing the features and performance of router operating systems? (Choose two.)
  • Install a UPS.
  • Keep a secure copy of router operating system images.
  • Configure the router with the maximum amount of memory possible.
  • Disable default router services that are not necessary.
  • Reduce the number of ports that can be used to access the router.

Question 25

Which statement describes a characteristic of the IKE protocol?
  • It uses UDP port 500 to exchange IKE information between the security gateways.
  • IKE Phase 1 can be implemented in three different modes: main, aggressive, or quick.
  • It allows for the transmission of keys directly across a network.
  • The purpose of IKE Phase 2 is to negotiate a security association between two IKE peers.

Question 26

Refer to the exhibit. If a network administrator is using ASDM to configure a site-to-site VPN between the CCNAS-ASA and R3, which IP address would the administrator use for the peer IP address textbox on the ASA if data traffic is to be encrypted between the two remote LANs?

Question 27

Refer to the exhibit. Based on the security levels of the interfaces on the ASA, what statement correctly describes the flow of traffic allowed on the interfaces?
  • Traffic that is sent from the LAN and the Internet to the DMZ is considered inbound.
  • Traffic that is sent from the DMZ and the Internet to the LAN is considered outbound.
  • Traffic that is sent from the LAN to the DMZ is considered inbound.
  • Traffic that is sent from the DMZ and the LAN to the Internet is considered outbound.

Question 28

What two assurances does digital signing provide about code that is downloaded from the Internet? (Choose two.)
  • The code contains no errors.
  • The code contains no viruses.
  • The code has not been modified since it left the software publisher.
  • The code is authentic and is actually sourced by the publisher.
  • The code was encrypted with both a private and public key.

Question 29

Which interface option could be set through ASDM for a Cisco ASA?
  • default route
  • access list

Question 30

What are two characteristics of a stateful firewall? (Choose two.)
  • uses connection information maintained in a state table
  • uses static packet filtering techniques
  • analyzes traffic at Layers 3, 4 and 5 of the OSI model
  • uses complex ACLs which can be difficult to configure
  • prevents Layer 7 attacks

Question 31

What are three characteristics of SIEM? (Choose three.)
  • can be implemented as software or as a service
  • Microsoft port scanning tool designed for Windows
  • examines logs and events from systems and applications to detect security threats
  • consolidates duplicate event data to minimize the volume of gathered data
  • uses penetration testing to determine most network vulnerabilities
  • provides real-time reporting for short-term security event analysis

Question 32

Which type of traffic is subject to filtering on an ASA 5505 device?
  • public Internet to inside
  • public Internet to DMZ
  • inside to DMZ
  • DMZ to inside

Question 33

Which IDS/IPS signature alarm will look for packets that are destined to or from a particular port?
  • honey pot-based
  • anomaly-based
  • signature-based
  • policy-based

Question 34

Which three actions can the Cisco IOS Firewall IPS feature be configured to take when an intrusion activity is detected? (Choose three.)
  • reset UDP connection
  • reset TCP connection
  • alert
  • isolate
  • inoculate
  • drop

Question 35

Which two protocols can be selected using the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Wizard to protect the traffic inside a VPN tunnel? (Choose two.)
  • Telnet
  • SSH
  • SSL
  • ESP
  • IPsec

Question 36

What is a characteristic of a role-based CLI view of router configuration?
  • When a superview is deleted, the associated CLI views are deleted.
  • A single CLI view can be shared within multiple superviews.
  • A CLI view has a command hierarchy, with higher and lower views.
  • Only a superview user can configure a new view and add or remove commands from the existing views.

Question 37

[blank_start]Penetration testing[blank_end] Used to determine the possible consequences of successful attacks on the network. [blank_start]Vulnerability scanning[blank_end] Used to find weaknesses and misconfigurations on network systems. [blank_start]Network scanning[blank_end] Used to discover available resources on the network. [blank_start]<blank>[blank_end] Used to detect and report changes made to systems
  • Penetration testing
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Network scanning
  • <blank>

Question 38

Which statement describes the use of certificate classes in the PKI?
  • A class 5 certificate is more trustworthy than a class 4 certificate.
  • Email security is provided by the vendor, not by a certificate.
  • The lower the class number, the more trusted the certificate.
  • A vendor must issue only one class of certificates when acting as a CA.

Question 39

Refer to the exhibit. An administrator issues these IOS login enhancement commands to increase the security for login connections. What can be concluded about them?
  • Because the login delay command was not used, a one-minute delay between login attempts is assumed.
  • The hosts that are identified in the ACL will have access to the device.
  • The login block-for command permits the attacker to try 150 attempts before being stopped to try again.
  • These enhancements apply to all types of login connections.

Question 40

A company deploys a Cisco ASA with the Cisco CWS connector enabled as the firewall on the border of corporate network. An employee on the internal network is accessing a public website. What should the employee do in order to make sure the web traffic is protected by the Cisco CWS?
  • Register the destination website on the Cisco ASA.
  • Use the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client first.
  • Use a web browser to visit the destination website.
  • First visit a website that is located on a web server in the Cisco CWS infrastructure.

Question 41

An administrator assigned a level of router access to the user ADMIN using the commands below. Router(config)# privilege exec level 14 show ip route Router(config)# enable algorithm-type scrypt secret level 14 cisco-level-10 Router(config)# username ADMIN privilege 14 algorithm-type scrypt secret cisco-level-10 Which two actions are permitted to the user ADMIN? (Choose two.)
  • The user can execute all subcommands under the show ip interfaces command.
  • The user can issue the show version command.
  • The user can only execute the subcommands under the show ip route command.
  • The user can issue all commands because this privilege level can execute all Cisco IOS commands.
  • The user can issue the ip route command.

Question 42

What mechanism is used by an ASA 5505 device to allow inspected outbound traffic to return to the originating sender who is on an inside network?
  • Network Address Translation
  • access control lists
  • security zones
  • stateful packet inspection

Question 43

Which two end points can be on the other side of an ASA site-to-site VPN configured using ASDM? (Choose two.)
  • DSL switch
  • Frame Relay switch
  • ISR router
  • another ASA
  • multilayer switch

Question 44

What Layer 2 attack is mitigated by disabling Dynamic Trunking Protocol?
  • DHCP spoofing
  • ARP spoofing
  • VLAN hopping
  • ARP poisoning

Question 45

In an AAA-enabled network, a user issues the configure terminal command from the privileged executive mode of operation. What AAA function is at work if this command is rejected?
  • authorization
  • authentication
  • auditing
  • accounting

Question 46

An organization has configured an IPS solution to use atomic alerts. What type of response will occur when a signature is detected?
  • A counter starts and a summary alert is issued when the count reaches a preconfigured number.
  • The TCP connection is reset.
  • An alert is triggered each time a signature is detected.
  • The interface that triggered the alert is shutdown.

Question 47

What two algorithms can be part of an IPsec policy to provide encryption and hashing to protect interesting traffic? (Choose two.)
  • PSK
  • DH
  • RSA
  • AES
  • SHA

Question 48

A stateful signature is also known as a [blank_start]composite[blank_end] signature.
  • composite

Question 49

Why is hashing cryptographically stronger compared to a cyclical redundancy check (CRC)?
  • Hashes are never sent in plain text.
  • It is easy to generate data with the same CRC.
  • It is virtually impossible for two different sets of data to calculate the same hash output.
  • Hashing always uses a 128-bit digest, whereas a CRC can be variable length.

Question 50

A network analyst wants to monitor the activity of all new interns. Which type of security testing would track when the interns sign on and sign off the network?
  • vulnerability scanning
  • password cracking
  • network scanning
  • integrity checker

Question 51

Refer to the exhibit. What two pieces of information can be gathered from the generated message? (Choose two.)
  • This message is a level five notification message.
  • This message indicates that service timestamps have been globally enabled.
  • This message indicates that enhanced security was configured on the vty ports.
  • This message appeared because a major error occurred that requires immediate action.
  • This message appeared because a minor error occurred that requires further investigation.

Question 52

What is required for auto detection and negotiation of NAT when establishing a VPN link?
  • Both VPN end devices must be configured for NAT.
  • No ACLs can be applied on either VPN end device.
  • Both VPN end devices must be NAT-T capable.
  • Both VPN end devices must be using IPv6.

Question 53

Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator is configuring the port security feature on switch SWC. The administrator issued the command show port-security interface fa 0/2 to verify the configuration. What can be concluded from the output that is shown? (Choose three.)
  • Three security violations have been detected on this interface.
  • This port is currently up.
  • The port is configured as a trunk link.
  • Security violations will cause this port to shut down immediately.
  • There is no device currently connected to this port.
  • The switch port mode for this interface is access mode.

Question 54

In which two instances will traffic be denied as it crosses the ASA 5505 device? (Choose two.)
  • traffic originating from the inside network going to the DMZ network
  • traffic originating from the inside network going to the outside network
  • traffic originating from the outside network going to the DMZ network
  • traffic originating from the DMZ network going to the inside network
  • traffic originating from the outside network going to the inside network

Question 55

Refer to the exhibit. Based on the configuration that is shown, which statement is true about the IPS signature category?
  • Only signatures in the ios_ips advanced category will be compiled into memory for scanning.
  • All signatures categories will be compiled into memory for scanning, but only those signatures within the ios ips advanced category will be used for scanning purposes.
  • All signature categories will be compiled into memory for scanning, but only those signatures in the ios_ips basic category will be used for scanning purposes.
  • Only signatures in the ios_ips basic category will be compiled into memory for scanning.

Question 56

Which two ports can send and receive Layer 2 traffic from a community port on a PVLAN? (Choose two.)
  • community ports belonging to other communities
  • promiscuous ports
  • isolated ports within the same community
  • PVLAN edge protected ports
  • community ports belonging to the same community

Question 57

What is a feature of the TACACS+ protocol?
  • It utilizes UDP to provide more efficient packet transfer.
  • It combines authentication and authorization as one process.
  • It encrypts the entire body of the packet for more secure communications.
  • It hides passwords during transmission using PAP and sends the rest of the packet in plaintext.

Question 58

Which security measure is best used to limit the success of a reconnaissance attack from within a campus area network?
  • Implement restrictions on the use of ICMP echo-reply messages.
  • Implement a firewall at the edge of the network.
  • Implement access lists on the border router.
  • Implement encryption for sensitive traffic.

Question 59

What is the benefit of the network-based IPS (NIPS) over host-based IPS (HIPS) deployment models?
  • NIPS provides individual host protection.
  • NIPS relies on centrally managed software agents.
  • NIPS monitors all operations within an operating system.
  • NIPS monitors network segments.

Question 60

What represents a best practice concerning discovery protocols such as CDP and LLDP on network devices?
  • Enable CDP on edge devices, and enable LLDP on interior devices.
  • Use the default router settings for CDP and LLDP.
  • Use the open standard LLDP rather than CDP.
  • Disable both protocols on all interfaces where they are not required.

Question 61

What function is provided by the Tripwire network security tool?
  • password recovery
  • security policy compliance
  • IDS signature development
  • logging of security events

Question 62

What is the function of a policy map configuration when an ASA firewall is being configured?
  • binding class maps with actions
  • identifying interesting traffic
  • binding a service policy to an interface
  • using ACLs to match traffic

Question 63

If a network administrator wants to track the usage of FTP services, which keyword or keywords should be added to the aaa accounting command?
  • exec default
  • connection
  • exec
  • network
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