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Question 1

SUN, DOUBT, COMPLETE, ENTERTAIN York is (B1) [blank_start]undoubtedly[blank_end] one of the most interesting cities in Britain. It is a very well-preserved walled city which has seen over 2,000 years of eventful history. However, York is also a modern city with an excellent shopping centre and plenty of clubs and other places of (B2) [blank_start]entertainment[blank_end] for those who like to stay out late. Any visit to York would be (B3) [blank_start]incomplete[blank_end] without going to the Minster, York's Cathedral, a wonderful example of Gothic architecture on the grand scale. The Minster supposedly took 250 years to finish. One of its most impressive sights is the stained glass Rose Window, which looks particulary magnificent on a fine, (B4) [blank_start]sunny[blank_end] day.
  • undoubtedly
  • entertainment
  • incomplete
  • sunny

Question 2

FORGET, VARY, SUIT, EXPENSIVE Ali Baba's restaurant in central London is one of the best restaurants I've been to for a long time. It has an extensive range of Turkish dishes including plenty of choices which are (B1) [blank_start]suitable[blank_end] even for vegetarians. The restaurant has a very pleasant atmosphere. At weekends diners can enjoy performances by Turkish singers and dancers. We are sure that you will have an (B2) [blank_start]unforgettable[blank_end] evening if you go to Ali Baba's. You will also find it unexpectedly (B3) [blank_start]inexpensive[blank_end]. A meal for two will cost roughly £20 on condition that you stick to the house wines. But there is an excellent (B4) [blank_start]variety[blank_end] of these on the wine list.
  • suitable
  • unforgettable
  • inexpensive
  • variety

Question 3

NUMBER, ACHIEVE, BELIEVE, RELY One of the most important (B1) [blank_start]achievements[blank_end] in the history of the motorcar was the development of the Model-T Ford in 1913, which was the first car to be produced on a large scale. The inventor of this method of production was Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford Motor Company. The production line, as it came to be known, offered employment to thousands of workers. It seemed (B2) [blank_start]unbelievable[blank_end] but the company cut costs as well, making cars affordable to clients. In addition, the replacement of old work practices made cars more (B3) [blank_start]reliable[blank_end], while (B4) [blank_start]numerous[blank_end] improvements to the interior of the car made driving a pleasure.
  • achievements
  • unbelievable
  • reliable
  • numerous

Question 4

FORTUNE, DESIRE, SENSE, CONSIDER A (B1) [blank_start]considerable[blank_end] number of people feel that washing with antibacterial soaps is the (B2) [blank_start]sensible[blank_end] thing to do. (B3) [blank_start]Unfortunately[blank_end], their ignorance has led them to believe that these soaps are better than normal ones. However, research has shown that there is no real difference between washing with ordinary soap or soap containing antibacterial agents. It has also been proved that being too clean actually has (B4) [blank_start]undesirable[blank_end] effects, as our bodies do not become resistant to germs (микробы). This discovery has come as a surprise, especially to those who believe that bacteria have to be fought with every means known to man.
  • considerable
  • sensible
  • Unfortunately
  • undesirable

Question 5

SAFE, CARE, REPUTE, SENSE Britain rightly has the (B1) [blank_start]reputation[blank_end] of being a safe place and street crime is fortunately not common. However, it is still (B2) [blank_start]sensible[blank_end] for tourists to take some precautions (меры предосторожности). Pickpockets may operate in crowded areas so make sure that you keep cameras and any other valuable things in a safe place. Experts recommend that passports and tickets should preferably be kept under your clothes in a money belt, perhaps. You must, of course, be particularly (B3) [blank_start]careful[blank_end] at night. Be sure to take advice from local people. If they tell you a certain area is (B4) [blank_start]unsafe[blank_end] at night, then don't go there.
  • reputation
  • sensible
  • careful
  • unsafe

Question 6

HOME, OPERATE, EXTENT, FORTUNE A massive clean-up (B1) [blank_start]operation[blank_end] is now under way in the south-west of the country after a powerful storm unexpectedly struck the region. Among the worst affected were coastal areas, where many small boats were sunk or destroyed, though, (B2) [blank_start]fortunately[blank_end], no one was missing or seriously injured. In many towns, however, (B3) [blank_start]extensive[blank_end] damage was done to property, with trees and fences blown over. In one street, almost every house had its roof blown off, leaving many families (B4) [blank_start]homeless[blank_end] until repairs can be carried out.
  • operation
  • fortunately
  • extensive
  • homeless

Question 7

REAL, EXPECT, HARM, APPROPRIATE Computers are reshaping children’s lives, at home and at school, in totally (B1) [blank_start]unexpected[blank_end] ways. Common sense suggests that we consider the (B2) [blank_start]harmful[blank_end] as well as the beneficial aspects of these changes. Computers can seriously damage children’s health. The health hazards include eye strain, social isolation, and others. What is suitable for adults and older students is often (B3) [blank_start]inappropriate[blank_end] for youngsters. Too often, what computers actually connect children to is aggressive advertising and silly games. This can cut children off, emotionally and physically, from the world of (B4) [blank_start]reality.[blank_end]
  • unexpected
  • harmful
  • inappropriate
  • reality.

Question 8

FORTUNE, SOLVE, SENSE, REMARK India has an amazing countryside with some of the most (B1) [blank_start]remarkable[blank_end] wildlife on Earth, and its 96 National Parks are becomong increasingly popular. These parks contain a huge variety of creatures, but (B2) [blank_start]unfortunately[blank_end] for visitors, many of them are active mainly at night. In southern India's Periyar National Park, however, they have found a (B3) [blank_start]solution[blank_end] to this problem: night tours. Walking through the rainforest in the dark is a wonderful way to observe creatures in their natural surroundings. You quickly become more (B4) [blank_start]sensitive[blank_end] to the souns of birds and animals, and you soon begin to recognise some of their calls.
  • remarkable
  • unfortunately
  • solution
  • sensitive

Question 9

FREE, POSSESS, NECESSARY, FINANCE Today's higher salaries and greater spending power have led to the problem of our buying things which are completely (B1) [blank_start]unnecessary[blank_end], simply for the sake of it. Now when more people have the (B2) [blank_start]financial[blank_end] means to do this, shopping has almost become a national pastime. We pay a small fortune for clothes with designer labels, even though there are high quality, cheaper alternatives. We want timesaving electrical appliances, but in fact, we usually have the ability to do the same chores just as quickly by hand. Let's get rid of these useless (B3) [blank_start]possessions[blank_end]! Ridding yourself of unwanted goods gives a sense of (B4) [blank_start]freedom[blank_end] which is a joy to experience.
  • unnecessary
  • financial
  • possessions
  • freedom

Question 10

SUGGEST, SOLVE, STRESS, FORGET Organising a holiday can be a very challenging task. Some people find the experience as (B1) [blank_start]stressful[blank_end] as the daily demands of work and family commitments. If you are in this situation, you may find that taking an escorted holiday is the ideal (B2) [blank_start]solution[blank_end] to the problem. Escorted holidays offer a great balance between sightseeing, entertainment and leisure time, with the added advantage that you have the services of a professional tour manager. From the first day to the last, tour managers make your holiday experience truly (B3) [blank_start]unforgettable[blank_end] providing useful information and many helpful (B4) [blank_start]suggestions[blank_end].
  • stressful
  • solution
  • unforgettable
  • suggestions
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