Shahru Ramadan Day 3


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Question 1

Which time is Afdhal for the recitation of the Qur'an?
  • Evening Time
  • Night Time
  • Any Time
  • Asr Time

Question 2

Make du'a with _______________ of Allah.
  • Names and Attributes
  • Waseelah of Messenger
  • Wali
  • Fear

Question 3

Which ones are the authentic adhkaars?
  • Adhkaars for each step of Wudhu
  • Morning & Evening Adhkaar
  • Adhkaar before Sleeping
  • Saying Allahu Akbar
  • Saying Allah Hu
  • Saying SubhanAllahi wa Bi Hamdihi
  • Turning the lights off and doing Dhikr through the Nose and Mouth

Question 4

A person with Good Akhlaq gets the status of the person who _____________.
  • Recites Qur'an with proper Tajweed
  • Fasts during the day and does Qiyaam at night
  • Does Charity frequently
  • Goes for Umrah in Ramadan

Question 5

According to a Hadith, "The Best Deed is to:"
  • Taking a Believer for Shopping Spree
  • Making A Believer Happy
  • Paying Off the Debt of a Believer
  • Fulfilling the Need of a Believer
  • Averting a Difficulty or Pain from a Believer
  • Joining a group of Muslims to watch a movie
  • Attending the Musical Birthday Party of a Believer
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