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Question 1

Which of the following statements are true? (Choose two.)
  • A. Route53 supports auto-scaling groups.
  • B. Route53 automatically configures DNS health checks for registered domains.
  • C. Route53 automatically sets up auto-scaling groups for services to which it points.
  • D. Route53 is automatically highly available.

Question 2

What type of distribution should you use for media streaming?
  • A. Web distribution
  • B. Media distribution
  • C. RTMP distribution
  • D. Edge distribution

Question 3

Which of the following can be used to centrally control AWS services across multiple AWS accounts?
  • A. A service control policy
  • B. An organizational unit
  • C. An LDAP user store
  • D. IAM roles

Question 4

Which of the following are advantages of an elastic IP? (Choose two.)
  • A. Reduces the number of IP addresses your VPC uses
  • B. Provides protection in case of an instance failure
  • C. Allows all attributes of a network interface to be moved at one time
  • D. Provides multiple IP addresses for a single instance

Question 5

How are EBS snapshots backed up to S3?
  • A. Incrementally
  • B. In full, every time they are changed
  • C. EBS snapshots are backed up to RDS
  • D. Sequentially

Question 6

What is the size of the CIDR block created in a custom VPC?
  • A. /20
  • B. /16
  • C. /28
  • D. You must select a size at VPC creation.

Question 7

Your application currently stores all its data on EBS volumes. You want to ensure that these volumes are backed up durably. However, you also want to use as few different managed services as possible in order to keep backup costs low. What option would you recommend?
  • A. Take regular EBS snapshots manually.
  • B. Set up a Lambda function to take EBS snapshots and trigger the function through CloudWatch alarms.
  • C. Create a script to copy the EBS data to S3 and run it on an EC2 instance.
  • D. Mirror data across two EBS volumes.

Question 8

Can you use an elastic load balancer to balance load within a VPC?
  • A. Yes, as long as the VPC has an internet gateway.
  • B. Yes, by setting the ELB to be internal to the VPC.
  • C. No, load balancers can only route traffic from the Internet.
  • D. No, load balancers cannot operate inside a VPC.

Question 9

You have a website running on a fleet of EC2 instances behind an ELB. You also have an Auto-Scaling group running across multiple availability zones. The instances are serving files from an EFS file system, but you are incurring lag and significant cost from serving these files from disk over and over. What would you recommend as a solution for reducing costs while still handling high traffic without degradation?
  • A. Move the files into S3 standard.
  • B. Use Elastic Transcoder to reduce the file sizes.
  • C. Cache the files using CloudFront.
  • D. Use reserved EC2 instances instead of on-demand instances.

Question 10

What is route propagation with respect to a virtual private gateway?
  • A. It copies all routes from an on-site network to an AWS VPC's subnets routing tables.
  • B. It helps avoid manually entering VPN routes into your VPC routing tables.
  • C. It automatically allows inbound traffic from your on-premises connection.
  • D. It enables storage-based traffic from a customer's storage gateway.

Question 11

What are the two styles of URLs that AWS supports for S3 bucket access? (Choose two.)
  • A. Virtual-hosted-style URLs
  • B. Domain-hosted-style URLs
  • C. Apex zone record URLs
  • D. Path-style URLs

Question 12

Which of the following is true about a new subnet created in a custom VPC that was set up with the default configuration?
  • A. It needs a custom route table created.
  • B. It can communicate with other subnets across availability zones.
  • C. It will not have a NACL.
  • D. It will have an internet gateway attached.

Question 13

Which of the following are valid reasons for using Multipart Upload for uploading objects to S3? (Choose two.)
  • A. You need a solution that recovers from network issues.
  • B. You need a solution to upload files larger than 10 GB.
  • C. You need a solution for increasing the security around uploaded objects.
  • D. You need a solution to decrease the time required to upload large files.

Question 14

For which of the following are you not responsible for security?
  • A. DynamoDB
  • B. Operating system configuration
  • C. Server-side encryption
  • D. Application keys

Question 15

Which of the following operations will take advantage of MFA Delete, if it is enabled? (Choose two.)
  • A. Deleting an S3 bucket
  • B. Changing the versioning state of a bucket
  • C. Permanently deleting an object version
  • D. Deleting an object's metadata

Question 16

You have your own custom domain and want to host a dynamic website on that domain. You also want to minimize compute costs. Which of the following AWS services would you use to host your website on your custom domain? (Choose two.)
  • A. S3
  • B. EC2
  • C. Lambda
  • D. Route 53

Question 17

Which of the following storage classes has the lowest first byte latency?
  • A. S3.
  • B. S3-IA.
  • C. S3 One Zone-IA.
  • D. They are all identical.

Question 18

Which of the following can ElastiCache be used for? (Choose two.)
  • A. Web server
  • B. Database cache
  • C. Object storage
  • D. Message broker

Question 19

Which of the following is the best approach to ensuring that objects in your S3 buckets are not accidentally deleted?
  • A. Restrictive bucket permissions
  • B. Enabling versioning on buckets
  • C. Enabling MFA Delete on buckets
  • D. All of these options are equally useful.

Question 20

How does CloudFront increase the security of content at the edge? (Choose two.)
  • A. Required HTTPS at all edge locations
  • B. Integration with AWS WAF (if configured)
  • C. Automatic client keys encrypted with KMS
  • D. Automatic deployment of AWS Shield
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