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Question 1

Planning meetings and analysis are used in which process?
  • Manage Stakeholder Expectations.
  • Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Plan Risk Responses
  • Plan Risk Management.

Question 2

Which of the following would NOT be contained in the risk management plan?
  • A risk breakdown structure.
  • A description of the overall approach to risk on the project.
  • Risk roles and responsibilities.
  • A list of identified risk.

Question 3

What is meant by RACI?
  • Responsible, Accountable, Confirm, Inform
  • Recommended, Accountable, Consulted, Inform
  • Responsible, Accountant, Consulted, Inform
  • Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Inform

Question 4

Which of the following statement is true about a Program?
  • A Program is a group of related projects
  • A Program is group of unrelated projects
  • A Program is a part of a big project

Question 5

The project manager meets with the project team to review lessons learned from previous projects. In what activity is the team involved?
  • Performance management
  • Risk identification
  • Project team status meeting

Question 6

During a bidder conference, you see that one bidder is your close friend. What should your next step be?
  • You will pass some confidential info to him
  • You will disclose this relationship to your management
  • You will resign immediately from the bidding process

Question 7

You are running a project to engineer and implement a set of business processes and a software solution for customer relationship management. The project involves a large number of organizations―a major corporation and many suppliers of different sizes. During the project, you observe effects of the differences between the companies’ corporate cultures. This leads to different expectations on how the project should be handled—as well as to frequent misunderstandings between stakeholders. Another effect is a growing degree of distrust and skepticism. What should you try first to integrate the diverse stakeholder groups?
  • Focus on project work. As a project manager, you should not get distracted by big egos.
  • Let the problems grow further until they are obvious for all. Then escalate them.
  • Develop a joint quality policy for the project and seek a commitment by all organizations
  • Analyze probability and impact of the risks linked with the situation and plan how to respond to them.
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