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OCR Gateway GCSE - Biology B1
  1. Diet and excercise
    1. Blood pressure can be measured two ways: Systolic and Diastolic in mmHg
      1. Smoking can being overweight can affect your blood pressure making it higher
        1. High blood pressure can lead to strokes and can damage the kidneys
          1. Fitness is your ability to do physical activities compared to health which is how free of diseases you are etc...
            1. Your EAR is used to calculate how much protein you need
              1. BMI used to determine whether you are under, over or average weight
              2. Drugs and disease
                1. Immunisation protects against certain diseases by using harmless dead pathogens
                  1. How much a drug can harm you goes in up class (C-A)
                    1. Depressants and stimulants affect the transmissions crossing synapses.
                      1. Mosquitos are a vector that carry malaria
                        1. Plasmodium is the pathogen that causes Malaria
                        2. Homeostatis and plant hormones
                          1. Homeostatis is maintaining a constant internal environment
                            1. Vasolidation (widening) and vasoconstriction (tightnening) regulate the temperature of the body
                              1. Plant hormones can be very useful in commercial uses e.g selective weedkiller
                                1. Auxins are involved in Phototropism and geotropism
                                  1. Insulin controls levels of sugar within the body. It converts excess blood sugar into glucose.
                                  2. The nervous system
                                    1. Light rays are refracted as they pass through the cornea and lens
                                      1. The eye shape accommodates by altering the shape of the lens
                                        1. Long sightedness and short sightedness are caused by the eyeball or lens being the wrong shape
                                          1. Monocular vision has less depth perception but a greater FOV
                                            1. Nerve impulses travel along the axon of a neurone
                                              1. A neurotransmitter substance differs across a synapse, so the nerve impulse can pass to the next neurone
                                                1. A spinal reflex involves a receptor, sensory relay and motor neurons and an effector.
                                                2. Variation and inheritance
                                                  1. Alleles are different versions of the same gene
                                                    1. Sex is determined by the chromosomes either XX or XY
                                                      1. Human body cells have 23 pairs of chromosomes
                                                        1. Inherited disorders are caused by faulty alleles
                                                          1. Dominant alleles are expressed if present, recessive alleles are expressed in the absence of a dominant allele.
                                                            1. Most faulty alleles are recessive
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