The Internet Mind Map


A mind map for the internet part of the network topic for A451
Josh Watkins
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Josh Watkins
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The Internet Mind Map
  1. Modems
    1. Computer use digital signal but many connect to the internet via a phone line
      1. A phone line uses analogue singal
      2. A modem converts a digital signal to an analogue signal
        1. This is done so it can be sent along a phone line
          1. It then converts the analogue signal back to digital when it arrives at it's destination node
        2. Bandwidth and Broadband
          1. Bandwidth is the capacity of a network in terms of how quick it transmits data
            1. As more users send data, the bandwidth is shared causing slower speeds for each user in transmission
            2. Broadband is the name given to network data transfer mediums
              1. Many frequencies can be transmitted at the same time along a broadband
                1. This means that it can carry more data at one time and therefor has a faster bandwidth
            3. ADSL and Cable
              1. ADSL is where spare capacity on POTS* is used
                1. POTS - Plain Old Telephone Service
                  1. It has a greater bandwidth for downloading than it does for uploading
                  2. Cable
                    1. this is where dedicated fiber-optic cables are used to transfer data
                  3. Routers
                    1. A router routes the correct data to the correct network
                      1. This connects networks
                      2. They tell data packets where to head to get to their destination
                      3. IP Adressing
                        1. Every node has an IP Address
                          1. This allows data to be sent and received at the right node on the internet
                            1. Without them, computers wouldn't know where the data needs to be sent to
                        2. DNS Servers
                          1. Domain Name System
                            1. Changes domain names to IP Adresses
                              1. When you type a domain name into your browser, the DNS looks up the address to find its IP Address
                                1. Your computer then uses the IP Address to connect to the website
                              2. By Josh Watkins
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