41. People Filter Information


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41. People Filter Information
  1. People seek out and pay attention to information and cues that confirm their beliefs
    1. People don't seek - or completely ignore! - information that doesn’t support what they already believe
    2. Filtering is useful!
      1. reduces the amount of information we have to pay attention to at any one time
        1. but can also lead to making bad decisions
      2. Don't expect that people will pay attention to the information/design you are trying to provide
        1. DON'T MAKE ASSUMPTIONS! What is obvious to the designer/you may not be obvious to the audience
          1. Use color, size, animation, video, and sound to draw attention to what’s important if people are filtering information from your information/design
            1. If the information is critical, make that information stand out 10 times more than necessary!
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