38. People Can Be In A Flow State


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38. People Can Be In A Flow State
  1. Flow State: becoming engrossed and focused in a task so as to temporarily "forget" your whereabouts and time
    1. Flow state will dissipate if you are distracted from your work flow by something else
      1. focus and attention are CRITICAL
      2. Flow state works with a specific, clear, achievable goal in mind
        1. build in enough challenge to hold attention, but don’t make the tasks so hard that people get discouraged
        2. With flow state, constant feedback is received
          1. to stay in the flow state, you need a constant stream of information coming in that gives you feedback as to the achievement of the goal
          2. Flow state induces control over your actions in a challenging situation
            1. With flow state, time changes
              1. focusing on tasks can make it feel as though time is speeding up or slowing down
              2. Flow state requires relaxation
                1. lose the sense of threat, or lose sense of self awareness altogether
                2. Flow state is personal and pleasurable
                  1. everyone has a different state of mind when their flow state comes
                    1. prefrontal cortex (PFC) and basal ganglia of the brain both involved in flow state process
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